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a writer (especially a playwright) who writes tragedies

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an actor who specializes in tragic roles

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The tragedian in Miller sees society, not fate, as the determinant of human affairs.
She was cheaply bought and nothing special as a two-year-old but has looked a much better type this term, finishing a close sixth behind Tragedian in a good event on Lingfield's Polytrack.
50 Hamilton, nap) Didn't really get the run of the race when fifth to Tragedian on his reappearance over a mile and two furlongs at Lingfield a fortnight ago.
The Tragedian is the first part of a trilogy and covers the years from Kean's illegitimate birth in 1789 to his first great triumph at London's Drury Lane in January, 1814.
Tragedian stayed on late to grab third, while Dettori never landed a blow on the 4-5 favourite Jabraan.
Chapter IV begins with a few new pages of brief notes concerning Boccaccio's use of classical authors: the numerous citations of Homer in the Genealogie (with a repetition of the description of Leontius from an earlier chapter), the restoration of Dido's honor coupled with the defense of Vergil against charges of lying, the combination of direct readings of Ovid with consultation of the Ovidii moralizati, and the error of thinking that the tragedian and philosopher were two different Senecas.
Diotima significantly modifies the view of Eros, or desire, as lack, a view insisted on earlier by Socrates himself when, correcting the tragedian Agathon's attribution of "the grandest and the most beautiful qualities" to Eros, he had remarked on the absence of those very qualities in Love.
The latter answers, "Tut, I can counterfeit the deep tragedian," and then launches into a comic imitation of Richard, as the atmosphere of the production makes a sudden lurch toward comedy.
This scene, during which Hal and Falstaff banter and playact the roles of Hotspur, Lady Percy, Henry IV, and Hal himself, closely parallels the last section of Symposium, where the drunken Alcibiades joins the tragedian Agathon's party and comically debates Socrates.
But the tragedian, if he has the sterner labour, has also the higher prize.
His travesty of Hamlet delighted audiences, as well as the great tragedian Edwin Booth.
He drew inspiration from classical texts, particularly those of ancient Greek tragedian Euripides.
The Nottinghambased soul singer and Amy Winehouse accomplice emerges here as a fully-fledged tragedian after last year's acoustic EP introduction.
John Gosden is also on a learning mission with Tragedian, whose owner Maktoum Al Maktoum's racing manager Joe Mercer said: ``It's a tough-looking race.
Jimmy Fortune and Tragedian (left) start their charge on their way to taking the Entertain at Lingfield Park Maiden Stakes yesterday