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a gum used in pharmacy, adhesives, and textile printing

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Thus, dispersion of 50% enzyme with 50% MCC, DCP, carrageenan, agar, or tragacanth was prepared in phosphate buffer (pH 6.
Drug suspension was made by suspending the root powder in 5 mL of 2% gum tragacanth suspension.
Group 1 and 2 served as normal and diabetic control respectively and were administered orally 20 ml of 2% aqueous gum tragacanth solution.
In his article, "Bitkilerle Tedavinin Tehlikeli YE-zE-" (Dangerous Sides of Treatment with Herbs) on the website Sycak GE-ndem, Erciyes University Associate Professor Ali Kandemir notes that there are nearly 450 types of tragacanth, 250 kinds of mullein and 90 species of sage tea.
They were prepared by cutting the colocynth to a small size, and reducing it to a fine powder in a mortar, rubbed with oil of sweet almonds; adding gum tragacanth, and mastic afterwards.
From beneath the tragacanth tree My soul, like the feather of a paddy
It was suspended in water by tragacanth gum and administered by oral gavage (p.
The extract thus obtained was suspended in aqueous gum tragacanth solution for oral administration.
Plants in this genus are economically significant as a source of gum tragacanth, as indicators of selenium and uranium and as toxic locoweeds in rangelands (Allen and Allen, 1981).
The soup contains (among other things) Chinese dates, ginseng, m e d l a r, tragacanth and a good helping of fresh lizard.
Powdered dyes are sprinkled onto the surface of the water and tragacanth mixture and then transferred to a piece of raw and absorbing paper.
Tragacanth is a naturally occurring dried gum comprised of bassorin (60-70%), the water insoluble portion and tragacanthin, water soluble portion (30-40%).
When we were given the all-clear, our hair was glued down with Amami wave set, which I think was gum tragacanth dyed green.
A) (D) Gums (Arabic, Furcelleran, Ghatti, Guar, Karaya, Locust Bean, Tragacanth, Xanthan).
The mice were anesthetized and the STN muscle was removed and oriented in tragacanth gum and immediately frozen in isopentane cooled to -159[degrees]C in liquid nitrogen.