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a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections

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He further said that the long queues on traffic signals also causing inconvenience for ambulances, because it is not possible for ambulance and other emergency vehicles to rush through the heavy traffic.
Materialisation of automated traffic signals will be started with allotment of budget.
Sometimes, our school buses get sandwiched between them due to lack of traffic signals and absence of traffic wardens.
Verona Borough $200,000 to installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Allegheny River Boulevard and Wildwood Avenue.
Altaf, a motorist said, he had spotted a number of traffic signals in his area which were out of order.
The ministry has also reviewed the designs of traffic signals at 50 intersections.
Though repaired several times, the old traffic signal at Al Rams area stopped working with no clear reason, so the RAK Police blocked the traffic signal completely.
Kadhim Abdul Latif revealed that the Ministry is to commence phase 2 of the LED Traffic Signals Project in November, which will replace the old lights of 115 interchanges and pedestrian signals with the LED lights at the cost of BD513,330.
1m traffic signal synchronisation project by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).
8 million for 38 municipalities to underwrite the costs of upgrading traffic signals through the department's Municipal Signal Partnership Program, referred to as Green Light-Go.
WORCESTER -- Tatnuck-area residents came out in force Wednesday night and made an impassioned appeal to city officials not to proceed with plans to deactivate the traffic signal at Pleasant Street and Wrentham Road after a new traffic signal at Pleasant and Moreland streets is put into operation next week.
Tolentino added that the agency was planning to buy light-emitting diode (LED) traffic signal lanterns instead of the old models, which malfunction during a heavy downpour.
bh, which include a number of services such as checking traffic signal service request, submitting new traffic signal service request, checking status of traffic diversion request, following up material inspection requests and requests for connection to sewage networks, according to ITD director Hisham Sater.
The National Transportation Operations Coalition--an alliance of national associations, practitioners, and private-sector groups involved in transportation operations, planning, and public safety--has released the National Traffic Signal Report Card, which gave traffic signal operations a score of D-.
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