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the path that is prescribed for an airplane that is preparing to land at an airport

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The new traffic pattern provides a more direct access to Terminal B and 94th Street via the new Exit 6 and Terminals C and D only via the existing Exit 7.
All three are consistent in saying the traffic pattern rule applies to IFR flight, and specifically to circling approaches.
Pattern entry options include straight in, 45 to the downwind, crossing midfield with a teardrop entry, and crossing midfield with a direct entry for both standard and right-hand traffic patterns.
The City Council voted last night to amend the traffic ordinance by adopting the experimental traffic pattern, which has created two-way traffic on formerly one-way sections of Main Street and City Hall Avenue and includes several new stop signs.
The design of a new training room must be based around an acceptable traffic pattern.
In a store or restaurant, reaction is influenced by lighting, colors, decoration, signage, merchandising, ceiling patterns, packaging, counters, traffic pattern, staff attitude, end aisle displays, etc.
Chapter 4 of the FAA's Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and Advisory Circular AC 90-66A, Recommended Standard Traffic Patterns and Practices for Aeronautical Operations at Airports Without Operating Control Towers, describe the procedures for flying a traffic pattern at a non-towered airport.
Moylan, commissioner of public works and parks, said the North Parkway traffic pattern was discussed at a hearing some time ago.
According to the pilot, it was the first flight after an engine installation and he planned to stay in the traffic pattern.
Your rendition of the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) traffic pattern diagram found in Figure 4-3-2 of that document is misleading in one subtle way: The leg labeled "upwind" initially and then "departure" where the aircraft are depicted leaving the traffic pattern.
Did you know: Every time you enter a traffic pattern using the normal 45-degree entry to downwind, you're breaking the rules?
Of course, IFR skills and discipline can be useful in a standard traffic pattern, too.
Both airplanes were reported in a closed right-hand traffic pattern using Runway 17.
I tell this tale not to reminisce but to illustrate that flying a traffic pattern and fitting into the flow at the local non-towered airport isn't rocket science.