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a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections

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Councilor John Dombrowski questioned whether there was a need for a traffic light at Lancaster and Central streets.
They say the traffic light system puts shoppers off buying products that carry even one red symbol.
McShane also claims that American experience was the role model for traffic light development in other countries.
Vernon--2,800 s/f (divisible) rentable square feet at the traffic light corner with Broad Street, just off the ingress/egress of The Cross County Parkway.
A traffic light column outside the Barber Shop had been knocked flat.
LEGAZPI CITY -- For the first time in over a decade, traffic lights are flashing along a busy intersection in this laid-back city overlooking the majestic Mayon Volcano.
Put simply, there are four possible traffic light configurations.
Yesterday, an irate driver who did not want to be named said: "It's ridiculous, it's temporary traffic light town.
As ASDA announces the introduction of traffic light front of pack labelling for its food products, Miranda Watson, food and health campaigner, Which?
I would like to see a either a traffic light warning sign or a camera installed so this can be controlled better and avoid a potential accident.
As Tesco launched a new labelling system designed to make it easier for shoppers to assess the nutritional value, it also announced it was dropping its own traffic light scheme.
Calderdale Council is assessing ideas on how to help motorists at its 107 traffic light sites.
It is probably true that traffic lights are safer, but it is the inability of the city planners to understand traffic light management that is the problem.
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is extending a current trial of LED traffic light strips which aims to assess their usefulness in enhancing pedestrian safety till the end of 2018 and to two new locations.