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a lane of a main road that is defined by painted lines

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The new plans would permanently convert hard shoulders into traffic lanes to increase capacity, with a 60 per cent increase in motorway traffic forecasted by 2040.
Bailey Hill Road (at Fern Ridge bike path): A bicycle/pedestrian project will cause some traffic lane shifting.
The financing will be used to build a second traffic lane, known as a safety gallery, parallel to the existing road tunnel that connects Piedmont in Italy and Savoie in France.
Surely it would have been common sense to make a pull-in between the parking spaces instead of building the pavement out to the edge of the single traffic lane? Also, pedestrians wishing to cross the road were coming between the parked cars and then crossing between the cars waiting behind the bus and dithering on the centre line.
Technical Construction Regulations (STR 2.06.01 : 1999) of Lithuania recommends that a short traffic lane should be [] > 40 m long.
It doesn't take a genius to realise that replacing two existing traffic lanes with one traffic lane and a bus lane will cause longer queues, especially at a junction with traffic lights; and to cap it all they have put a short bus lane roughly the length of a normal bus slap bang in the middle of the southbound section of North Road in between two sets of traffic lights that are within about 30 yards (sorry metres!) of each other at the junction adjacent to the law courts.
Cycle users are allowed to use the bus lanes, but currently have a problem at 'bus gates', the signal controlled point where the lane meets the normal traffic lane.
These schemes control traffic on the motorway using frequent gantries which regulate speed and lane use and at busy times the hard shoulder converts into a traffic lane.
One traffic lane was closed for more than an hour until the road was cleared by the emergency services.
"Importantly, unlike the use of a hydraulic hammer, it does it all without any concrete debris splattering into the traffic lane," he adds.
Since some of the litter appeared to be currency, he stopped to gather some, and soon retrieved thousands of dollars from the traffic lane and a nearby borrow pit.
Spray Kleen V Traffic Lane Cleaner from National Chemical Laboratories (NCL) of Philadelphia, Penn., simplifies cleaning your most traveled traffic areas.
When a signal displays red, the arriving vehicles must not be discharged, and they are held up in the form of vehicle queues along the approaching traffic lanes. For approaching traffic lane k from leg i, [l.sub.i,k] is defined as the initial queue length (just before a signal cycle starts).