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a lane of a main road that is defined by painted lines

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s1]--saturation flow on the first traffic lane, veh/h.
Widening only the major intersections and reducing through traffic lanes in between will make the corridor resemble a series of hourglasses, or traffic bottlenecks.
The bicyclists' safety argument has merit, but officials should listen carefully to the warnings of others about how eliminating a traffic lane might increase congestion.
Sanchez-Ramirez was driving north on the freeway just north of Roxford Avenue in Sylmar when his car hit something in the road and stalled in a traffic lane.
Taft's 1994 Honda had pulled into the oncoming traffic lane in an attempt to pass several eastbound vehicles at about 70 mph, officials said.
Trailer Bridge provides integrated trucking and marine freight service to and from all points in the lower 48 states and Puerto Rico, bringing efficiency, environmental and safety benefits to domestic cargo in that traffic lane.
His 1996 Chrysler went back into the traffic lane, turned to the right, went through a chain-link fence, hit a utility pole and then plunged into the aqueduct where it crosses Highway 138 near 96th Street East, a CHP report said.
SHERMAN OAKS - Hoping to shave more than 20 percent off over-the-hill commutes, city officials want to create a reversible traffic lane through the Sepulveda Pass - a plan that already is raising concerns from residents and cyclists.
Traffic lanes have been reduced from four to two for about one month
The improvements to McQueen Road will consist of six traffic lanes from Queen Creek to Ocotillo, four traffic lanes from Ocolillo to Riggs, bike lanes, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street lighting, turn lanes, traffic signals, storm drainage, landscaping, right-of-way acquisition, and utility relocation.
Opponents predict disaster unless south Willamette Street maintains two traffic lanes in each direction.
Bus drivers are the worst abusers of traffic lanes, jumping from lane to lane, and just sticking an indicator on (if you are lucky) and moving off, without looking in the mirror.
Now some bright spark has decided to put traffic lights at the end of the bus and through traffic lanes, it is even worse now than it was trying to get a bus or taxi to let you merge in.
The project includes improved traffic lanes and signage and enhanced streetscape design that will beautify the area to help make streets and sidewalks safer and more attractive.
Another, perhaps more realistic, approach is to make some traffic lanes trucks-only and others cars-only.