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a lane of a main road that is defined by painted lines

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Traffic has started moving more freely at the busy BP roundabout at Frankton this week with new traffic lanes now operational.
The new plans would permanently convert hard shoulders into traffic lanes to increase capacity, with a 60 per cent increase in motorway traffic forecasted by 2040.
Bailey Hill Road (at Fern Ridge bike path): A bicycle/pedestrian project will cause some traffic lane shifting.
The research goal: to construct the methodology for calculation and modelling of traffic lane capacity considering the length of a short traffic lane.
Also, two lanes of westbound traffic travelling along the Boulevard towards the castle now have to merge into one lane at this junction (or drive down the bus lane, which is illegal) in order to turn left towards Duke Street and Castle Street, which now consists of just one ordinary traffic lane and one bus lane (as opposed to the two ordinary traffic lanes we used to have).
The closure of the right traffic lane on both inbound and outbound Abu Dhabi directions is to facilitate road works in the area, said a statement issued by the municipality.
He said: "The signal would stay on green whenever the lights on either the bus lane or the general traffic lane were on green - so it would stay mostly on green for cyclists, except where there is a pedestrian crossing close to the bus gate.
scope of the contract: Execution of geodetic and cartographic documentation of the settlement of the legal status of properties in the traffic lane street Orkana in Kielce - marked as plot 946 of the area.
The district's original plan would have taken a traffic lane to use as a bi-directional EmX-only lane.
The sidewalk and shared use path will extend 2 Au00 linear feet from CenterwayRoad to Alliston Hollow Way The project will include a bridge for the northbound traffic lanes and replacement of the existing bridge for the southbound traffic lane over Cabin Branch, street lights, storm drainage, stormwater management, and landscaping andutilityrelocations.
The other features one traffic lane in each direction with a center turn lane.
Two other options call for one traffic lane in each direction, with a center turn lane.
The man stopped his vehicle on the westbound freeway shoulder near the Mason Avenue bridge, got out and looked around, then stepped into a traffic lane, where he was hit by a pickup truck, police said.
The City of Toronto has initiated road changes to Simcoe Street, including the creation of a new traffic lane and the installation of cycle tracks among other changes, in an effort to improve the movement of traffic for drivers and cyclists.