traffic jam

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Synonyms for traffic jam

Synonyms for traffic jam

a number of vehicles blocking one another until they can scarcely move


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SITTING in a traffic jam with car horns sounding, other drivers cutting you up and the kids squabbling in the back is one of the most common causes of stress.
In a Rush Hour traffic jam, each vehicle on the six-by-six-square tray is one square wide and either two or three squares long.
The ad, Traffic Jam, is set on the steamy, gridlocked streets of the band's home city, New York.
To that end, Traffic Jam recently launched Nail Art Pen & Polish, which combines an art pen and nail polish in one dispenser.
In a statement here on Sunday, Senior Vice President HCSTSI Saleemuddin who is also the convener of Law and Order Sub-Committee said Station Road, Tilak Incline, Faujdari Road, Risala Road, Cloth Market, Pacca Qilla, Lajpat Road, Haider Chowk and Gari Khata were the main spots where the frequent traffic jam was badly disrupting business activities in the city.
class="MsoNormalA senior traffic officer tasked with easing the traffic jam accused some impatient motorists of exacerbating the situation.
Traffic jams are a common sight at least twice a week at this time in the evening, mainly owing to the breakdown of heavy vehicles in the middle of the road.
The awful traffic jam affected areas included Mereweather Tower, Arts Council Intersection, Akbar Road, Regal Chowk, MA Jinnah Road, University Road, and Teen Talwar.
ISLAMABAD:Huge traffic jams are being witnessed on a daily basis presently on Islamabad Expressway, IJP road and Murree road forcing people to wait for hours as traffic is blocked by the police to facilitate the movements of VVIPs.Miles long traffic jams were witnessed on the IJP road and Expressway on Sunday and Monday during the foreign VVIPs visit for the Speakers conference.
Alfa Romeo, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler, is developing semi-autonomous traffic jam assist technology.
difficulties in reaching some places including hospitals, condolence meetings and necessary purchase for their domestic as well as for business needs, but the traffic jam which started at around 11:00 am and continued till 2:00 pm due to protest rallies of the YDA became a nuisance for them.
According to a top officer in Dubai Police, the mishap which creates traffic jam was basically attributed to heavy fog, as well as reckless, inattentive and speeding.
Ananya Sen, a regular commuter who got caught in a traffic jam for more than an hour, said: " The road hardly seemed like one in south Delhi.
A big traffic jam was created in the center of Bishkek on the cross of Manas and Moskovskaya streets after a MAZ truck carrying two portable kiosks hitched the trackless line and broke it off.
SIR - We've been able to observe the social and environmental costs of the traffic jam and now, thanks to the research outlined on the front page of the Western Mail (Jan 29), we can actually quantify its economic costs.