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a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded

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The work has started to reinstate the traffic island at Don Street and Cheyne Road which was removed for the Great Aberdeen Run
A temporary sign and cones placed at the traffic island in Mount Road, Marsden, after an accident
"We don't say no to the modifications, they can build more pavements, fix the drainage systems, but it is a shame to destroy the businesses by putting up a traffic island," said Despoina Petrou, member of the initiative committee.
While a maximum of 3 feet will be taken along the west side of the traffic island to accommodate the creation of a third lane of traffic on Mower Street, Mr.
WHILE looking through a book of pictures of old Coventry, I found a photograph (circa 1936) of the traffic island at the junction of Kenilworth Road and Kenpas Highway (A45).
A MOTHER four times over the drinkdrive limit crashed her car, with three young kids inside, into a traffic island.
As strategist Peter Mandelson was urging people to go out and vote, a Volkswagen Golf smashed into a traffic island.
However, the GDN headline did remind me about an inebriated high court judge driving up the A6 in the early hours when without warning a traffic island bollard came out from nowhere and hit his car.
9 and Al Salam Street has been converted into a traffic island for traffic coming from the Tourist Club neighborhood, according to an announcement by the Abu Dhabi Municipality on Sunday.
Further to your article (Hazardous Road Safety Measures) regarding new traffic islands installed in Junction Road, Norton - one evening recently my wife and I were involved in an accident caused by an unlit traffic island adjacent to the turn off to Countisbury Road from Junction Road.
And then there is the Sonny Bono Memorial Traffic Island ...
In Next Time, filmed in Holland, a boy around eleven years old, lying in the overgrown grass of a traffic island in the middle of a highway cloverleaf, makes a (scripted) declaration of love to a girl of similar age.
After 74 years of accident-free driving Lady Morton, who celebrated her 100th birthday in July, hit a traffic island in Edinburgh last week and badly damaged her new Nissan Micra.
A POLICE probe was launched yesterday after a body was discovered inside a tent on a motorway traffic island.