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a curbed area in a roadway from which traffic is excluded

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Kevin's so enthralled by humble traffic islands that he has published a number of calendars devoted to them.
With the construction of a traffic island everyone will just drive by to do their shopping at the malls," Petrou said.
The project involves, in part, reconfiguring the two legs of Mower Street that abut the traffic island in Tatnuck Square.
The traffic island is part of a traffic calming system near to the Ton Yr Ywen primary school.
SMASHED: The VW hit a traffic island at the launch CABINET CALL: Peter Mandelson, Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Yvette Cooper
The bollard was last seen being escorted away to be set back on to the A6 traffic island.
And then there is the Sonny Bono Memorial Traffic Island .
In Next Time, filmed in Holland, a boy around eleven years old, lying in the overgrown grass of a traffic island in the middle of a highway cloverleaf, makes a (scripted) declaration of love to a girl of similar age.
After 74 years of accident-free driving Lady Morton, who celebrated her 100th birthday in July, hit a traffic island in Edinburgh last week and badly damaged her new Nissan Micra.
A POLICE probe was launched yesterday after a body was discovered inside a tent on a motorway traffic island.
Houston Street on the corner traffic island under a red light wiping your windshield with a dirty rag
Other buildings on this traffic island include the main railway station sandwiched between the Kunsthalle and three other city subsidised galleries for temporary exhibitions housed in former market halls.
Pear trees grow on Sawyer, jacarandas on Guthrie, and liquidambars on the traffic island at Genesee and Fairfax.
The project has already seen two towers built - Masshouse and Hive - on the site of the old elevated traffic island
Just as important, they don't want the World War I veterans monument and memorial garden on the traffic island in Tatnuck Square disturbed in any way.