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a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offenses

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So the Naperville Republican said officials have spent the past several years reviewing other options, including the possibility of moving the traffic court to another location in southeast DuPage.
In its statement, the Embassy of Oman in the UAE said, 'We praise the decision of Dubai Traffic Court for releasing Said al Balushi on bail.'
The Dubai Traffic Court also ordered the driver be deported after serving his jail term, in addition to paying a Dh50,000 fine.
In a statement, Dubai Public Prosecution said: "Dubai Traffic Prosecution orders to refer the Omani driver to Dubai Traffic Court after he was charged with causing the death of 17 passengers and injuring 13 people with varying bodily injuries and damage due to the use of the vehicle as these are traffic offences.
The committee hopes these changes will aid pro se defendants and the general public with an easier and better understanding of the Traffic Court Rules.
The problems uncovered in Ferguson range far beyond traffic court. A new report by the Justice Department, for example, details how the police response to two weeks of street protests heightened the crisis by the flaunting of military vehicles and weapons and by command failures that confused the police officers and public in the streets.
Louis had its roots in an unlikely place -- traffic court.
The new Santa Barbara Criminal Courthouse will increase efficiency and security by consolidating all criminal and traffic court operations in one modern, secure building for the south district.
The San Diego traffic court threw out a citation against Cecilia Abadie, with commissioner John Blair ruling she was not guilty because the offence for which was ticketed requires proof that the device was in use.
Mr Green said: "By having a designated traffic court, you can get through cases much faster from the offence being committed to the appropriate punishment being handed out.
On Tuesday, Abadie pleaded not guilty to both charges in San Diego traffic court.
In a recent case, a commercial vehicle driver was jailed for a record one month by a traffic court for driving under the influence.
Every three or four months he would gather up his sheaf of tickets and head for traffic court, where they would be routinely dismissed.
How to win your case in traffic court without a lawyer.
14, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the city of Douglasville, Ga., charging that police officers at a municipal courthouse violated Lisa Valentine's First and Fourth Amendment rights when they told her she could not enter a traffic court hearing while wearing an Islamic headscarf.
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