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a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offenses

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Police caught him and he was taken to traffic court.
This comes as great news to Safety Town leaders with the Naperville Junior Womans Club, who started an online petition in fall 2016 against the traffic court possibility.
The problems uncovered in Ferguson range far beyond traffic court.
190 In response to the Rules of Judicial (PROCEDURE ON Administration Committee's request for a FAILURE TO APPEAR; review of the traffic court rules to remove WARRANT; NOTICE) outdated terms, "mail" and "the mailing of' in subdivision (c) were eliminated.
Critics of the traffic courts describe prolonged legal nightmares that can begin with tickets for driving with a suspended license or without proof of required inspections, what Harvey called ''crimes of poverty.
Any defendant, who is convicted and fined upon a traffic court ruling, would be able to pay fines varying between Dh1,000 and Dh30,000, and even blood money [Dh200,000] could be paid," Bu Farousha told Gulf News on Saturday.
Mr Green added: "In a dedicated traffic court, up to 100 cases can be dealt with in a single session which reduces unnecessary delays and allows local magistrates' courts to focus on more serious offences.
On Tuesday, Abadie pleaded not guilty to both charges in San Diego traffic court.
In a recent case, a commercial vehicle driver was jailed for a record one month by a traffic court for driving under the influence.
Every three or four months he would gather up his sheaf of tickets and head for traffic court, where they would be routinely dismissed.
How to win your case in traffic court without a lawyer.
charging that police officers at a municipal courthouse violated Lisa Valentine's First and Fourth Amendment rights when they told her she could not enter a traffic court hearing while wearing an Islamic headscarf.
The ISF members are suspected of attacking the lawyers on Tuesday in front of the Tripoli Traffic Court, a clash that prompted the North Lebanon Bar Association to declare a three-day strike beginning the following day
Traffic prosecutors have also started seizing driving licences electronically, immediately after a traffic court issues a verdict, punishing a reckless driver and revoking his licence, Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai's Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP), told Gulf News yesterday.
Dubai's traffic court found that the woman had failed to keep a safe distance from the car ahead of her, and ordered her to pay US$5,450 in "blood money" and fined her an additional US$540 for "unintentional homicide".
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