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a policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic

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Jalal Al-Sharami, a traffic cop who works in the Al-Misbahi roundabout in Sana'a, said the country's deteriorated security system is behind driver negligence, and it now has become a generally acceptable way for motorists to conduct themselves.
They said the militants target traffic cops to create chaos on Baghdad's congested streets and embarrass authorities who boast of improved security.
But he has already told his mum, Claire Barron, 30, that he wants to be a traffic cop.
The notification or alerting host system plays a role much like a traffic cop directing messages to various decision makers and systems to initiate action.
Cheerleader and traffic cop, Duncan offered honest assessments, fairness, encouragement, corrections and coaching for all.
TRAFFIC cop Paula Hollyman has struck a blow for women's rights - over hats.
Nevertheless, the tale of the traffic cop serves its purpose: Even the most harmless citizen is a potential enemy who can kill you.
A traffic cop who goes by the Twitter handle Motorway Martin tweeted: "Fortunately the driver of this vehicle escaped injury, thanks in part to the way modern cars are designed and built these days.
A traffic cop working tirelessly at the busy ITO intersection says he got a rude shock when he enquired about the nonavailability of filter masks.
Traffic cop Michael Twomey is truly a servant of Ireland, a man who is fortunate to be around today such was the impact of the crash.
QUESTIONS Becks speaks to a traffic cop after the crash
If you're an obese, short or rude traffic cop in Hanoi, your days of patrolling the capital of Vietnam are over.
Traffic cop Pc David Rathband was blasted twice as he sat unarmed in his patrol car on a layby west of Newcastle in July last year, moments after crazed Moat had rung police to declare war on officers.
Stallone was noted to be "less than cordial" in a discussion with a traffic cop in Los Angeles as he disagreed with the officer's version of events, reports Contactmusic.
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