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control of the flow of traffic in a building or a city

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The AN-24 flew with its onboard transponder off, had a flight plan, and did not maintain radio communication with regional air traffic control centre.
Advent of digitalization and advancements in microelectronics and data processing technologies are triggering replacement of conventional air traffic control equipment with the state-of-the-art variants.
Since 1993, AWP has been providing traffic control management services to major utility companies, municipalities, contractors, and special events.
"Azeraeronavigation" Air Traffic Control Department (AZANS) under "Azerbaijan Airlines" provides safety of flights in the Republic of Azerbaijan's airspace.
Rohde & Schwarz fully VoIP-based R&S VCS-4G featuring a distributed, redundant architecture meets increased demand for flexible, load-based reallocation of resources while ensuring efficient and sustainable air traffic control in line with the highest safety standards.
Browse "Global Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment Consumption 2016 Market Research Report" with TOC @
(SeeNews) - Dec 10, 2014 -A Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic has awarded a dealA for air traffic control software development toA Ifield Computer Consultancy Limited.
German air traffic control said: "Planes disappeared from screens for a matter of seconds, here and there.
NEC has provided air traffic control solutions for more than 50 years, including systems for sophisticated transportation hubs in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.
Slovenia's Ljubljana Air Traffic Control moved into a new multi million euro control centre at JoA3/4e PuAnik Airport on Tuesday.
General Dynamics Awarded $363 Million for Next-generation Air Traffic Control Radios.
RAWALPINDI, October 03, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Rawalpindi city has most modern traffic control system which has been initially installed at 21 main intersections of Rawalpindi city including at busiest road of the town, Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree Road).
High school students can earn credit for the Introduction to Aviation Technology course that is required for both the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Professional Piloting degrees.
"Even as we look towards the introduction of a new aeronautical telecommunications network protocol for air traffic control data link and aircraft IP links for electronic flight bags, ACARS is so embedded in aircraft that it is set to remain the communications backbone of aviation for another 15 to 20 years," said Philip Clinch, SITA vice president, Aircraft Communication Services.
Summary: Jeddah, Safar 24, 1432, Jan 28, 2011, SPA -- More than 100 scouts, belonging to Jeddah Ministry of Education branch, take part in the provision of food baskets and traffic control in Jeddah Province, it was reported today.
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