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a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island

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08 km; and Sumitono Mitsui--Hutama Karya to build the Dukuh Atas--HI traffic circle section around 2.
Currently, however, a portrait of Bhagat Singh, a Sikh revolutionary who was hanged at the spot where the traffic circle is today by the British in 1931, has been put up.
The area inside of a traffic circle has the characteristics of two of the quintessential traditional public fora: parks and city sidewalks.
However, to obtain an acceptable regression equation, there should be a constant queue of vehicles the drivers of which are waiting in a suitable gap to enter the traffic circle at least for a 30 min period.
We wanted to return the focus of our business to the men and women who are most important to us, and the Traffic Circle program lets us do so in a way with which drivers are familiar," says DMV spokesman Hank Horner.
Completed in November 2005, the work included replacement of a traffic circle with an at-grade intersection, and construction of a 1-mile span of highway with three bridges along the Fore River.
The traffic circle is now called Place de la Femme pour la Paix (Women's Peace Square).
The suspect was driving a 1998 Land Rover ``at a high rate of speed'' south on Columbus Avenue near the traffic circle at Riverdale Drive about 9:40 p.
The spillover crowd blocked the infamous traffic circle as people jocked for entry.
US forces then called in F-18 and F-14 warplanes which fired at some 50 insurgents at the Yarmuk traffic circle.
Many measures, such as flowers in a traffic circle, also can alter the psychology of drivers, making them less aggressive and hurried.
Palestinian gunmen taking cover in empty high-rise apartments fired across a traffic circle at Israeli troops shooting from jeeps and nearby rooftops.
Experts say the current chaos is a hangover from the old-fashioned traffic circle - a free-for-all type of roundabout where drivers don't have to give way.
In a separate incident, police arrested respected journalist Goenawan Muhamad for disrupting public order by making a speech during another antiviolence protest attended by around 100 students at Jakarta's Hotel Indonesia traffic circle.
Monjes stops before a busy traffic circle peopled with those unfortunates who inhabit Nicaragua's "informal economy," the street vendors of plastic bags of cold water, apples, grapes, and automobile parts who haunt every major intersection of Managua.