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a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island

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Work on replacing the traffic circle will begin this spring and the new roundabout is expected to be built in stages.
Soon, the Boundary Waters sculpture will be dedicated, and grace the downtown traffic circle until one day, it too will be pushed out of the way, to an obscure corner of the city.
After several drivers confronted Donahue at the traffic circle, she is reported to have told them to "be an adult about it," and to "mind their own business."
A new ideological battle has surfaced in Lahore, capital of Pakistan's Punjab Province, over whether a traffic circle should be named after Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh or retain the name of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, a Muslim student, who coined the name Pakistan in the 1930s.
* What Kind of Forum is a Downtown Traffic Circle, and What Conditions May the Local Government Place on Private Expression in the Traffic Circle?--Many Florida local governments are replacing intersections with traffic circles.
Iraq has asked its lawyers in the US to take on US security firm Blackwater on behalf of victims shot by the company's security guards at a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007, officials said on Jan 18.
As stated before, the capacity of a traffic circle was calculated by an assumption that the intersection consisted of a series of weaving areas.
In early March, a group of gunmen ambushed the visiting cricket team in a crowded city traffic circle.
The contract covers construction of the Vartan intersection on the Northern Link bypass in Stockholm, and includes a roadway bridge with a large traffic circle and a number of ramps.
New York, April 1, 2007--Following a popular business trend in customer relationship management, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has introduced "Traffic Circle," a points-based rewards program for licensed drivers.
Completed in November 2005, the work included replacement of a traffic circle with an at-grade intersection, and construction of a 1-mile span of highway with three bridges along the Fore River.
They marched toward the new traffic circle, drumming and chanting slogans.
The spillover crowd blocked the infamous traffic circle as people jocked for entry.
Palestinian gunmen taking cover in empty high-rise apartments fired across a traffic circle at Israeli troops shooting from jeeps and nearby rooftops.
Experts say the current chaos is a hangover from the old-fashioned traffic circle - a free-for-all type of roundabout where drivers don't have to give way.