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Synonyms for traffic

Synonyms for traffic

commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

the commercial transactions of customers with a supplier

Synonyms for traffic

the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time

the amount of activity over a communication system during a given period of time

social or verbal interchange (usually followed by 'with')

trade or deal a commodity

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It's all about trying to get that excess traffic, and that is the name of the game in California.
By 2020, predict the WHO and the World Bank, if appropriate actions are not taken, overall global traffic deaths will increase by 67%; an 83% increase in poorer countries will offset a projected 30% decrease in high-income countries.
Following extensive evaluation and testing, we have selected F5 to be our traffic management and load-balancing solutions partner because of their market and technology leadership.
IP-intelligent concentrators can use packet information to aggregate similar traffic from different subscribers onto shared virtual circuits to and from the network backbone, and de-multiplex this traffic for forwarding down the correct subscriber's line.
Some of the new mathematical models, advanced mainly by physicists, depict traffic as more complex and unpredictable than traditional traffic experts, mainly civil engineers, believe it to be.
Furthermore, it seems that experts often do not take into account the relative costs and benefits of traffic versus criminal enforcement.
Residents say the city should have been aware of the potential traffic hazards and been more aggressive in seeing that the problem was solved.
Enterprises can now tie application performance problems to their network-specific causes, such as a poorly performing SAP application stemming from a misconfigured router or degraded VoIP call quality resulting from a failed link or router that has shifted traffic onto an already heavily loaded route.
An additional 50,000 drive by it, according to statistics from the city's transportation and traffic departments.
Clear Channel has taken a leadership role in investing in the development of a high quality traffic data solution with comprehensive U.
And beyond that, the impact of Ahmanson's traffic on local roads in the west San Fernando Valley, Calabasas and eastern Ventura County has created angry passions in the communities and energized political leaders.
the leading provider of traffic information in the United States, today announced immediate real-time traffic speed and flow data availability for nearly 50,000 miles covering 92 U.
Without a single, all-encompassing regulatory agency, there's no way to determine how much traffic school business goes to online companies.
LAS VEGAS -- TeleNav today unveiled the first mobile phone-based GPS navigation service with intelligent traffic notification and rerouting functionality at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).