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one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel

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16) Bearing in mind the presence, even in the academies of learning, of rabbinic spies for Rome, of the ilk of Judah ben Gerim, we can have some inkling of the personal danger in which anyone composing a prayer against Rome would be placing himself, since the identity of their traducer would assuredly be disclosed to the Roman authorities.
The apparatuses used in the experimental research are: displacement traducer, type W200 (made by HBM-Germany); tensometric amplifiers, type N2314 (made by IEMI-Bucharest); force traducer, of original design (Otlacan, 2002); analog-digital convertor (National Instruments); mechanical part of the stall, achieved by the authors.
I can see the temptation to which admirable libertarians like Nat Hentoff have been drawn: namely, the argument that Bill Clinton is an immoral scoundrel and traducer of basic protections like the Fourth and Sixth amendments and should get what's coming to him.
None of his traducers sought to peruse the man's resume to discover if he indeed merited his appointment or not.
Instead, he had put his intellect in the service of the oppressors and traducers of Africa and Africans.
46) It is notable that in Poetaster's climactic, corrective scene, Virgil is the critical commentator who delineates the motives and the behavior of Horace's traducers and who prescribes to Crispinus the means for rectifying his shortcomings as a poet.
Those unfairly maligned - a matter to be adjudicated by a wholly independent revamped Press Council with teeth - should have the right of reply, with equal prominence, to their traducers, and on the same page on which they were attacked.
The measurement of the operational temperatures is performed by a device with 6 measuring channels having as traducers some miniature resistance.
Here, however, there is clear evidence of traducers of the Flavian gens in operation: those who alleged a Transpadane origo were suggesting at the least that the family was not from Italy and probably that the great-grandfather was not even born a Roman citizen.