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Synonyms for tradition

Synonyms for tradition

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

Synonyms for tradition

an inherited pattern of thought or action

a specific practice of long standing

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He was a Sufi and a traditionist who spent some time with Ibn Barrajan before moving to northern Morocco.
A leading traditionist, faqih of the Maliki school, and celebrated preacher of the .
See also Lucas, "Principles of Traditionist Jurisprudence Reconsidered.
This is the case with several accounts in which such wide-ranging figures as the traditionist Said b.
Based on the separate accounts of the Basran traditionists Ashath b.
He preferred the Traditionists, but did not fully accept their ideas either.
A shared popular culture articulated a generalised morality of hard work, honesty and humanity which Christians, Muslims and traditionists could all endorse.
The interpretation of riba by Muslim Jurists and Traditionists in the early medieval times as unearned income in the two general forms of riba al-nasia and riba al-fadl was an attempt to understand the problem of riba in the social and economic context of the tribal society of the Hijaz in the early decades of the 7th century when Islam originated and developed as a revolutionary reform movement against a community of oppressors who had enslaved the poor and weak slaves, serfs, artisans, widows and orphans in an explorative regime of unequal exchanges comprehending all areas of economic activity: trade, commerce and agriculture.
His main conclusion is that the Islamic Economists unlike the Muslim jurists and traditionists of early medieval time who took Islam as revolutionary reform movement do not extend the theory of riba to areas other than loan (riba al-nasia), and do not consider ground rent, share-cropping and tax farming-the pillars of semi-feudalism in Pakistani rural area as a form of riba.
For example, medieval Sunni theologians, represented by the Ash'arites and the Traditionists (ahl al-hadith), disagreed with the Mu'tazilites on the nature of the Qur'an.
A hadith that runs against a qur'anic injunction can be disregarded as unauthentic; in contrast, the Traditionists elevate any hadith with a sound chain of authorities (isnad) to the level of a qur'anic verse, especially in matters related to theology, ethics, and law.
24) Thus, for instance, the phrase "O thou wrapped up" occurs in Sarah 74:1, and both the traditionists (25) Imam Bukhari's (810-70) and Imam Muslim's (817-76) reports speak of "the covering" of Muhammad directly following the reference to Sarah 96: lff.
Sa'in al-Din did not think very highly of theologians, whom he placed just above the lowest-ranked traditionists but below Avicennan philosophers among exotericists, though he clearly valued advanced Sufis much higher, whom he ranked above Illuminationist philosophers but below "letter-specialists" (hurufis) among esotericists (these hurufis, who were experts in the arcane but quite "scientific" field of the study of letters, numbers, and other graphic signs, are not to be confused with the followers of Fazlallah Astarabadi).
Shuja' al-Balkhi in order to slander the traditionists states that God created a horse out of a certain liquid, then caused it to run so that it would perspire, then created His own substance from the perspiration.
But in Mosul, the traditionists who informed al-Azdi were mostly interested in pointing fingers.