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Synonyms for tradition

Synonyms for tradition

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

Synonyms for tradition

an inherited pattern of thought or action

a specific practice of long standing

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He has, in other words, given a comical and traditionist reading of Light in August and As I Lay Dying, one in which his value-making interpretation values, and is evaluated by, a corporate body (of which Brooks is one member) of value-makers.
This rotation method was wisely adopted in the traditionist organizations.
The present article discusses the ways in which early Muslim commentators and traditionists have embedded and amplified this enigmatic verse within a rich layer of interpretive lore.
21) In his short biography, published on a Salafi webpage (22) and cited in hundreds of Salafi online forums, he is presented as a scholar of Prophetic hadith trained by the well-known traditionist Nasir al-Din al-Albani (d.
The above-mentioned Hanafi scholar and traditionist Abu Ja'far al-Tahawi (d.
Al-'Umari had a poor reputation as a traditionist, and apparently died in 293.
G]enerally speaking, the isnad system served the expectations of the traditionist.
The availability of a large collection of apocalyptic prophecies in the Kitab al-Fitan of the contemporary Sunni traditionist Nu'aym b.
23) All of these traditions share, in addition to this detail, the common link of the Medinese traditionist Sacid b.
37) The justification for this is based upon an account related by the Basran traditionist Muhammad b.
This article will include al-Shafi'i for example, in the arena of the Partisans of Hadith due to his close and symbiotic scholarly relationship with prominent traditionist jurists like Ibn Hanbal and the influence of his works on other prominent Partisans of Hadith (including his landmark work in developing hadith criticism).
The Batriyya (35) were part of the Kufan traditionist movement that held that religious knowledge was dispersed among the larger Muslim community and preserved in traditions stretching back to the Prophet and the Companions.
563/1168)--a ShafiT jurist, traditionist, and Sufi who directed a flourishing ribdt-cum-madrasa on the banks of the Tigris--he established himself as a Sufi master of some repute, eventually drawing the attention of the thirty-fourth 'Abbasid caliph, al-Nasir li-Din Allah (r.
highlighting his unreliability as a traditionist due to his despicable reliance on books (Toorawa, p.