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strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings

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The functions of gender role traditionality, ambivalent sexism, injury, and frequency of assault on domestic violence perception: a study between Japanese and American college students.
Finally, fathers' traditionality is measured by a mean score of six items asked of fathers at the baseline interview ([alpha] = .
In the context of food, van der Meulen says that traditionality is one attribute that contributes to the local associations, or connectedness to place, of a food product.
Achilles, Mother Bird: Similes and Traditionality in Homeric Poetry.
We purposely built this unique dhow with authentic features like the wooden chest called mandoos as a container for keeping stuff, it adds a lot of traditionality to the over-all concept.
7) According to Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, folklorists typically stress the traditionality of stories about personal experiences, exploring indigenous forms, processes, and occasions of life review (folklore can serve as a primary medium for recovering a life).
However, given that Hispanics represent an extremely diverse group in terms of demographic variables such as class and level of traditionality, to name a few, caution must be used when drawing broad conclusions using an "all inclusive" Hispanic grouping.
As Piercey puts it, Ricoeur distinguishes traditionality from traditions, or the particular cultural heritages to which we might belong, and does not think of tradition as a collective entity that swallows individuals and tramples their individuality (belonging to a tradition helps make thought possible).
Dimensions of masculinity and major choice traditionality.
Girls are much more likely to work outside the home if their mothers have a part-time or full-time job outside the home as well, and the traditionality and level of the mother's career has a more significant impact on the choices of their children than does that of the father.
He said Afghanistan was in a transitional stage from traditionality to modernity.
For example, Salipante and Golden-Biddle (1995) identified traditionality as a relevant source of competitive advantage for religious institutions.
But due to their role congruent behavior this traditionality has undermined their performance.
Manish has kept all the traditionality and yet given it its zing," said Azmi.