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Synonyms for traditionality

strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings

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Hypothesis 5: User traditionality will negatively moderate the effects of perceived switching costs on user resistance in information systems project implementation.
Fairness obliges readers to note that Baako inaugurates what we may call 'a Traditionality of Postulations', which is responsible for his psychedelic identification with an idealistic heaven.
Traditionality is lived by embracing tradition while simultaneously moving through it.
(2009) [7] showed the temporal narrowing of gender role traditionality in case of MDD among cohorts across the globe, which explains changing trends observed in Indian clinical practice and popular newspapers.
The functions of gender role traditionality, ambivalent sexism, injury, and frequency of assault on domestic violence perception: a study between Japanese and American college students.
OAS assesses four dimensions concerning occupational aspirations: prestige level for men and for women, general desirability, traditionality of occupations, and general familiarity and knowledge about occupations.
It is not the absence of change; "the very traditionality of law ensures that it must change." (7) Indeed, change often strengthens, rather than weakens, tradition.
Development of gender attitude traditionality across middle childhood and adolescence.
The variables included as key family processes include: relationship quality, ethnic identity, parenting stress, and traditionality. Composites are included for both the fathers' and mothers' report of the couples' relationship quality at the baseline interview.
I attribute this tendency in Calley's work to the particular academic bias in favour of continuity of traditionality in the studies of mixed-descent Aboriginal communities in 'settled' Australia at this time.
An analysis of the gender imbalances in public roles and music performance practices exposes how notions of complementarity are enacted at powwows and privileged in discourse around traditionality and gender in many First Nations contexts.
"Achilles, Mother Bird: Similes and Traditionality in Homeric Poetry." Classical Bulletin 81: 3-18.
(2007), 'Individual-level cultural values as moderators of perceived organizational support-employee outcome relationships in China: Comparing the effects of power distance and traditionality', The Academy of Management Journal, Vol.50, No.3, 715-729.