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Synonyms for traditionalistic

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

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adhering to tradition especially in cultural or religious practices

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Koven divides the country based on Elazar's (1966) seminal typology consisting of three specific cultures: moralistic, individualistic, and traditionalistic.
The reason for an increase in such incidents, experts believe, is the "conflict between New Age cosmopolitan generation and Old rudimentary traditionalistic ancestors".
Rather, the proletarian god Ulu, the powerful and silent, called to the shores of West Africa a militarily driven colonizing power that would join him in hating, denouncing, and instituting a religious fervor against the pre-Christian, pre-Islamic, traditionalistic African reverence for the snake.
For judgements of this kind are usually little more than expressions of personal prejudice, while any serious attempt to develop an argument along these lines will almost certainly lead to the endersing of traditionalistic, Puritanical and in all probability, authoritarian, attitudes.
The Group's reference in its manifesto to the fall of the Abbasid caliphate following the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in 1258 should be understood less as an aesthetic or traditionalistic gesture than a political and thoroughly academic response to the perceived absence of "a distinctive Iraqi identity" (al-Khamis 24).
Konrad and Janet Spitz (2003) found that traditionalistic attitudes related to gender and race are good predictors of positive or negative perceptions over AA programs.
Far from a doctrine of passivity and inert reflection, I hold, his thought intends to actualize the historical potentials of a nation which might otherwise remain obscured by the tendencies of either traditionalistic or abstract thought--the prior restraining subjectivity, the latter totalizing it.
While Lanzarote is 100 miles from the African coast and 660 miles south of the Iberian Peninsula, the islands are among the most traditionalistic regions of Spain.
He found Appalachian culture to be traditionalistic, tied to the old ways of doing things, and uninterested in progress or change.
Melodies are often traditional, and when contemporary are restrained and traditionalistic.
In addition to the theme of the talking dead present in Maria Luisa Bombal and Juan Rulfo, and a temporal structure drawn from Alejo Carpentier's "Viaje a la semilla" ("A Journey to the Origins") further discussed below, "The Two Shores" presents the concept of betrayal under an unfamiliar slant that mirrors and is superposed to the more traditionalistic view of the conquest of Mexico as enabled by the "treacherous" Malinche.
The more the individual is liberated from traditionalistic external control, the more he or she becomes--in David Riesman's terminology--inner directed, the more the individual person must be subjected to competition.
Clear boundaries of the system, well defined elements and relationships between them enable traditionalistic treatment of technical systems.
Traditionalistic culture, then, strongly accepts income-based social hierarchies.
At the height of the traditionalistic plantation political rule, the attempt by civil-rights activists to challenge African-American political exclusion was met with stiff white opposition anchored on a regime of fear and intimidation.