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Synonyms for traditionalist

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

Synonyms for traditionalist

one who adheres to traditional views

stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded


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The newly-installed Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams, is a core traditionalist.
Timothy Finigan, a British priest whose "The Hermeneutic of Continuity'' blog is much-read in traditionalist circles.
And Meyer had already antagonized the most devout traditionalists, Russell Kirk and Meyer's friend and colleague Brent Bozell Jr.
I currently have a staff consisting of Gen-Xers and Yers, a managing partner who is a Boomer and a member of our executive committee who is a Traditionalist.
It would allow traditionalist Anglicans who oppose liberal reforms in the Church of England to enter into full communion with Rome while retaining some of their Anglican traditions.
Historic plans to introduce women bishops rejected by key traditionalist leaders hurch of England faces exodus over women bishop reforms.
Among Jews aged 25-54, 93% of the secular ones are in the workforce, as are 91% of the traditionalists, 94% of the religious men and 52% of the hareidi-religious ones.
Whether you're an accessories traditionalist or new trend trailblazer, we've got snug style sussed.
Robinson know that in attitudes I am traditionalist and not revolutionary?
An excellent example of this is the Xer who supervises a Traditionalist and cannot understand why the employee can't learn the new software system "quickly.
In September, Ahmadi-nejad also made a high-profile move to distance himself from the traditionalist faction.
He is the most senior traditionalist Tory so far to "go public" with criticism of Mr Cameron's approach, although others have expressed concerns in private.
Antle acknowledged that Bennett "was an unrepentant drug warrior and leading force for using the federal government to promote traditionalist conservative objectives.
And in the ECUSA, at least, hostility to prayer-book revision led to a resolution offering all churches traditionalist "Rite I" and modern "Rite II" language for the Eucharist.
BEING seen in some quarters as a traditionalist because of his Triple Crown comments regarding Teofilo must be a source of some hilarity to Jim Bolger.