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Synonyms for traditionalist

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

Synonyms for traditionalist

one who adheres to traditional views

stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded


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The purpose of joining the suit according to him is to seek redress and enforce the alienable rights of association and allow traditionalists represent their religious beliefs through adornment in the school which is the same rights being sought to be enforced by the Muslim Parents forum.
Respondents who indicated being in the baby boomer and traditionalist generations were also similar.
Timothy Finigan, a British priest whose "The Hermeneutic of Continuity'' blog is much-read in traditionalist circles.
And Meyer had already antagonized the most devout traditionalists, Russell Kirk and Meyer's friend and colleague Brent Bozell Jr., who responded to his ideas with polemics.
Traditionalists respect authority and work well within a hierarchical and clearly defined management structure, but they prefer to work as individuals rather than be part of a team.
When discussing careers, the Traditionalist and Baby Boomer, have been secure and loyal to their first and perhaps even second, employer.
It would allow traditionalist Anglicans who oppose liberal reforms in the Church of England to enter into full communion with Rome while retaining some of their Anglican traditions.
The last-ditch proposal was designed to prevent an exodus of traditionalist priests, who are now likely to defect to the Roman Catholic Church.
Eight percent of the Jews defined themselves as hareidi-religious, 12% as religious, 13% as traditionalist-religious and 25% as traditionalist but "not so religious."
<![CDATA[ Eight percent say they are hareidi-religious, 12% religious, 13% traditionalist-religious and 25% traditionalist but 'not so religious.']]>
Whether you're an accessories traditionalist or new trend trailblazer, we've got snug style sussed.
Since I was born before 1946, I learn that I am a "Traditionalist." I resent that.
An excellent example of this is the Xer who supervises a Traditionalist and cannot understand why the employee can't learn the new software system "quickly." The Xer views this as an easy task, while the Traditionalist is concerned that he/she will "push the wrong button" and everything will disappear.
In September, Ahmadi-nejad also made a high-profile move to distance himself from the traditionalist faction.
Malpas said: "I'm a traditionalist. I like to play at 3pm on a Saturday.
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