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Synonyms for traditionalism

strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings

adherence to tradition (especially in cultural or religious matters)

the doctrine that all knowledge was originally derived by divine revelation and that it is transmitted by traditions

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In view of prior research on Christian nationalism and gender traditionalism, our first hypothesis states:
There are preconceptions traditionalism surrounding Kate "Gin and spirits as a category have obviously emerged as key attractions and we cannot conceive running an event without showcasing some of the best examples out there," added event organiser Nic Rezzouk.
The ACT scale measures the three primary components of RWA: Authoritarianism, Conservatism, and Traditionalism. Examples of items include, "What our country really needs is a tough, harsh dose of law and order" (Authoritarianism), "Our leaders should be obeyed without questions" (Conservatism), and, "It is important that we preserve our traditional values and moral standards" (Traditionalism).
Modern Orthodox Judaism commands special attention precisely because it illuminates the course of how a specific manifestation of religious traditionalism has evolved on American shores during the last two hundred years.
While such festivals expect contemporary commissions to adhere to a strict criteria of cutting edge compositional and aesthetic techniques, they expect the exact opposite from oriental work: to maintain its orientalism and traditionalism, and stick to stereotypes that freeze the Arab past in sterile molds incapable of interacting with the present.
Those seduced by the idea of seamless living in one glass space are now scuttling back under the protective hem of traditionalism and opting for a separate entertaining area."
As Starliper puts it, Viereck blames fraudulent conservatives for an itinerant traditionalism and liberals for romantic misconceptions of human character.
Comprising six chapters, the author identifies and meticulously analyses dominant modes of group thought, namely religious traditionalism and dakwah revivalism, and their impact.
But classical Marxism was too out of step, so historians created a hybrid type of early postwar narration, and used it as they remained on the lookout for progressive traditionalism. One clue of this was evidenced by the selective Marxist theory of historiography they used, or alternate forms of historiographies, region by region.
Putin's lauded Russian values centered on traditionalism, while he excoriated the West for turning away from Christian values to embrace globalization, multiculturalism and a politically correct focus on the rights of sexual minorities and one-gender families, the Washington Times reports.
Pope Benedict XVI's place in the history of the Roman Catholic Church could be predicted from the moment he was elected in 2005: He would buttress the power of John Paul II's charismatic traditionalism with the authority of his theological scholarship.
Results of this study indicated that (a) the value of cultivation of good virtues (benevolence, humanity, and a sense of justice) was positively related to attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities and (b) the values of social traditionalism and cultural inwardness (a value that endorses cultural superiority/intolerance) were correlated with negative attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities (Hampton & Xiao, 2009).
Thus this is not an Islam-West clash, but a close encounter between traditionalism and non-traditionalism of the most uncomfortable kind.
Prince Charles's "Traditionalism" ("Philosopher Prince," March 2012) is in fact a manifestation of modernity, deriving from Renaissance figures such as Marsilio Ficino and more recent thinkers influenced by 19th-century occultism.
Figures, published Thursday on Yedioth Ahronoth website, showed that the secular Jews dropped to 43 percent from 46 percent and rightist-religious traditionalism to 32 percent from 33 percent.
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