traditional knowledge

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knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote

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Minelik Getahun, Assistant Director General of the Global Issues Sector of WIPO who has been invited by the Government of Sri Lanka to participate in the national workshop and G-15 member States workshop on Traditional Knowledge, and Sri Lanka's celebration of 'World IP Day' to be held in the week of 24th April 2016 in Colombo.
There was also a view that traditional knowledge offers an opportunity to fill gaps in the evidence-base for naturopathic care, and no obvious interest in critically appraising traditional sources of evidence.
The oral traditional knowledge of an iwi (tribe) was retained in whakapapa, inscribed in the names of places and carved into meeting houses.
If history has taught us anything, we need to be aware and involved in the protection and preservation of our traditional knowledge.
The directive to use the mother tongue in elementary schools is also an avenue to introduce traditional knowledge as classroom lessons, Luistro added.
As a valued Elder and colleague with the now called Indigenous Studies program at Trent, Thrasher has been instrumental in bringing the original vision to fruition, integrating traditional knowledge into the university through the development of initiatives such as the PhD program, another first in Canada.
Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Property Protection: Cultural Signifiers in the Caribbean and the Americas
Protecting genetic resources was a heated topic of discussion during the 26th session of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC) in Geneva, Switzerland last week, as member countries debated the ways in which protecting the intellectual property of genetic resources came into focus.
The agreement also covers traditional knowledge held by indigenous or local communities, and the new rules should contribute to the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of its components.
Researchers from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, have said native tribes' traditional knowledge will help the country to become sustainable.
Our rules for using natural resources and traditional knowledge are very ill-defined and companies exploit this legal uncertainty to use traditional know-how.
Biopiracy is the practice of patenting and marketing the use of traditional knowledge and genetic resources of indigenous peoples without authorization from source countries.
The second session, organised by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), had the theme, "the value of traditional knowledge for adaptation in Arab countries".
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