traditional knowledge

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knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote

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The two countries will exchange information, regulations and other documents, experience and arrange exchanges for specialists in protection of intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge.
MarE[degrees]a Fernanda Espinosa, General Assembly President, stated that traditional knowledge occupies a pivotal place in the range of actions needed to mitigate climate change.
"It (traditional knowledge and systems) serves as a balance for our socio-economy," Sampulna said.
While acknowledging that the British sowed the seeds of the modern style of education as we know it today, he remarked that India is probably the only country which can find the right balance between traditional knowledge and modern education.
Traditional knowledge refers to a living body of knowledge developed, sustained and passed on from generation to generation within a community, often forming part of its cultural or spiritual identity.
These controversies illustrate the diversity of interests and values implicated by struggles over traditional knowledge and identify circumstances that have resulted in satisfactory resolution of those struggles and thus may provide seeds for legal reform.
Lyonpo said that the concern of indigenous people, local communities and many states over the unauthorized or inappropriate use of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions remains a challenge.
Nasreen Aslam Shah has organized one-day seminar Titled "Traditional Knowledge and Cultural History of Pakistani Women" for the celebration of National Women's Day.
KARACHI -- Karachi University's (KU) Center of Excellence for Women's Studiesin collaboration with Social Welfare Department Government of Sindh, Women Development Department, Department of Social Work and Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Niswan on Thursday organized a seminar entitled Traditional Knowledge and Cultural History of Pakistani Women on the eve of International Women's Day.
A seminar on 'Traditional knowledge and cultural history of Pakistani women' to mark International Women's Day at the Centre of Excellence for Women Studies, KU, at 9am.
"We are having unpredictable weather so farmers shoud take official weather forecasts more seriously rather than relying on traditional knowledge."
The organizers were conscious of the need to create a nexus between the traditional knowledge and skills and the knowledge acquired from the contemporary sources in order to mainstream the past practices.
Francis Gurry has commended Sri Lanka's efforts to draft a national policy on Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) .
Introduction: The relative value of traditional knowledge and practice and contemporary scientific research is one of the most controversial aspects of naturopathic medicine.
Unfortunately, this means that patent system does not reach the entire body of information referred to as traditional knowledge, which has been discovered and passed down by indigenous groups for generations.
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