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Synonyms for traditional

Synonyms for traditional

conforming to established practice or standards

Antonyms for traditional

consisting of or derived from tradition

pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines

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The festival aims not only to interpret the uniqueness of Taiwanese traditional performing arts, but also to reveal the arts' unlimited possibilities of renovation and collaboration with other art forms.
Under the theme: Regulation of Traditional Medicine Products in the African Region, the aim of the commemoration is to mobilise political commitment in institutionalization of African Traditional Medicine into primary health care system, ensure wide circulation of and publicity of the national law on traditional medicine and lastly, implement African action plan in integrating traditional medicine into primary health care system.
Neither spouse qualifies for a deductible contribution to a traditional IRA because couples filing a 2012 joint tax return can't make deductible contributions if they have modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) of $112,000 or more, and if both spouses are covered by an employer's retirement plan.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of under-graduate education majors on the effectiveness of web-enhanced instructional strategies and traditional instructional strategies.
Another survey might show how few potential scandals occupying blogs have made it into the wider public eye without the assistance of traditional media.
Thus, although traditional Judeo-Christian religions are founded on the notion that ancient people, thousands of years ago, received special messages from God (messages we now call "prophecy" and "revelation"), Humanists view those arbitrary religious beliefs as outside the scope of reason.
In South Africa, Nigeria, and elsewhere, politicians confront the specter of ethnic assertion and the reality that many people consider traditional rule--however they define it--as something that should be preserved and implemented.
Aside from Kebaya, other Indonesian fashions are "Bodo" and "Mingakabau" shirts from South Sulawesi, "Kurung" shirt from West Sumatra, "Balinese" shirt from Bali, "Betawi" shirt from Jakarta, and many other traditional fashions.
Can competition from a new kind of public school, right around the block or down the road in many cases, inspire traditional schools to improve?
Keywords: Modern technology and its impact; Muslim world and modern technology; aspects of Islamic civilization; role of machine-made objects in the destruction of natural balances; traditional crafts and their spiritual significance; Islamic urban design; modern technology and Islamic civilization.
Unfortunately, as Western music gained even greater popularity during the 1960s and '70s, resulting partly from the westernization of Korean society, traditional Korean music gradually became more remote and less known to the general public.
A disturbing result of this admissions landscape, as studies have shown: Fewer first-generation college students are being admitted to traditional colleges.
When a traditional backup system backs up a changed file, it backs up the entire file.
With respect to mathematics, 80% of the students in the modeling-based course expressed that their attitude had improved during the class while 55% of students in a traditional college algebra course had a similar change in attitude.