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a token resembling a stamp given by a retailer to a buyer

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IT WAS 1962 and trading stamps had been slowly infiltrating the British market since 1958 - but the controversy over gift stamps was about to explode on the North East shopping scene.
There were ups and downs, but by the 1960s, Carlson's Gold Bond trading stamps had 30 percent of the multimillion-dollar market.
1.451-4 provides a narrowly construed exception to the economic performance rules that allows accrual-basis taxpayers who issue premium coupons (or trading stamps) to deduct the estimated fulfillment cost of the coupons (or stamps) at the time they are issued.
1.451-4 are that "premium coupons" must be issued with sales (assuming the taxpayer is not a trading stamp company) and must be redeemable by the taxpayer in merchandise, cash, or other property.
If an accrual method taxpayer issues trading stamps or premium coupons with sales, or an accrual method taxpayer is engaged in the business of selling trading stamps or premium coupons, and such stamps or coupons are redeemable by such taxpayer in merchandise, cash, or other property, the taxpayer should, in computing the income from such sales, subtract from gross receipts with respect to sales of such stamps or coupons (or from gross receipts with respect to sales with which trading stamps or coupons are issued) an amount equal to--
Since the appeal of trading stamps began to fizzle, grocers began looking for new ways to attract shoppers, and lower prices certainly made a big impression.
The service portfolio includes coupons, loyalty/membership cards, trading stamps, punch cards and gift vouchers, as well as tickets for events and public transport.
EVEN WHEN he was making replicas of s &H trading stamps, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) never worked small, so it's fitting that Phaidon Press has produced Andy Warhol "GIANT" Size, a stunning, massive compendium of more than 2,000 images of the Pittsburgh native's art and life (the tome is 17-inches by 13-inches and weighs a hefty 15 pounds).
Edward Stanley Gibbons began trading stamps from a small desk in his father's chemist shop in Plymouth in 1856, 16 years after the world's first postage stamp, the Penny Black, was issued.
Being chaplain wasn't quite enough for Matt, so he set out to build a chapel on the grounds of the prison and eventually raised enough money by collecting trading stamps! When St.
That's until the ever-entrepreneurial company introduced trading stamps. Stamps were collected as customers bought their goods and when their book was full they could exchange it for cash or other gifts.
What significance is there to the fact that the `belles-soeurs' steal Germaine's trading stamps?
* The special method of accounting for trading stamps and coupons under Treas.
Sunday opening, trading stamps, scrambled merchandising (or the "sell everything system", as it was known in the nineteenth century), out-of-town shopping developments, price-based competition and the "plight" of the small, independent shopkeeper have all repeatedly appeared as burning issues in the retailing industry[9].
* Demanding Shoppers who wanted excellence in all areas (cleanliness, friendly personnel, convenient location, brand variety, quality meat cuts) except trading stamps.