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a token resembling a stamp given by a retailer to a buyer

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This opened a big new battle front by slashing bread prices in hundreds of North East shops in a bid to hit trading stamp sponsors.
He became Minnesota's first billionaire, through Gold Bond trading stamps, building his startup, the Carlson Cos.
Trading stamp companies: Trading stamp companies are eligible to use this method of accounting.
Many German stores at the time had me had trading stamps redeemable for goods at the end of the year, but Theo said: "Customers want cheapness all year round.
So what began so simply with trading stamps grew to reach today's structured rewards programs like Payback which has tie-ups with multiple retailers and chains of stores spread across countries.
It's set in 1965 and she plays the sister of a housewife who has won a million trading stamps and has invited family, friends and neighbours to help her stick them into the collecting booklet, setting the scene for an evening of gossip, banter and the settling of old scores and the state of the world.
By 1962, trading stamps had peaked, with estimated sales of $671 million.
The service portfolio includes coupons, loyalty/membership cards, trading stamps, punch cards and gift vouchers, as well as tickets for events and public transport.
EVEN WHEN he was making replicas of s &H trading stamps, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) never worked small, so it's fitting that Phaidon Press has produced Andy Warhol "GIANT" Size, a stunning, massive compendium of more than 2,000 images of the Pittsburgh native's art and life (the tome is 17-inches by 13-inches and weighs a hefty 15 pounds).
Edward Stanley Gibbons began trading stamps from a small desk in his father's chemist shop in Plymouth in 1856, 16 years after the world's first postage stamp, the Penny Black, was issued.
That's until the ever-entrepreneurial company introduced trading stamps.