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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage

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According to federal prosecutors, he also misappropriated $100,000 to fund his own futures trading account and $33,000 to make donations to the Washington National Cathedral.
Last month, the government announced its plan to implement the real-name account policy while prohibiting banks from issuing a new virtual coin trading account for newcomers.
Therefore, a pledge of the securities deposited in the margin trading account would be a prudent approach once enabling machinery is tested.
However, they did not address the trading account, nor did they treat costing for financial accounting purposes.
The Securities Department investigation found that Zedlitz's only relationship with Scottrade was a trading account he opened a few days before his first conversation with AR1.
We also support fair value accounting for assets and liabilities used in the business of short-term trading for profit, such as the trading account for banks.
An online brokerage firm can also open a regular trading account for you.
* By contrast, the market risk capital figures provide little information about differences in market risk exposure across institutions beyond what is already conveyed by the relative size of an institution's trading account.
The basic premise of MTM accounting is that every position in a trader's trading account is priced, or marked to market, and treated as though it had been closed out at the end of each year.
This year, for every ad featuring sports cars zipping up country roads or beer steins filled to the brim, another touted the advantage of an online or full-service trading account.
He has already pocketed $100,000 in a transfer from the Tyson Food Co., laundered through Hillary's cattle futures trading account.
The customers would have to open a new margin trading account with the brokerage firm.
Capital Index have recently announced the launch of a new Shari'ah compliant trading account with a view to attracting new clients from the Middle-East and Africa.
Upon activation of their new FX trading account, iForex members instantly have access to a bank of educational material.