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commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

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The corporate trading company agreed to purchase the entire inventory and offered the appliance company the full wholesale value of $1,000,000 in trade credit toward a media budget of $4,000,000, with the balance of $3,000,000 payable in cash.
While this means trade turns out to be pretty important to us after all, it is much more important to some of our trading partners.
financial trading arena, and it is rapidly becoming popular in London and Tokyo.
But regardless of whether Doha ends in at least a limited agreement, it may well be the last major round of the multilateral trade negotiations that have defined the world trading system since World War II.
The IMF needs adequate funding," Fites argued, because the "economic stability of our trading partners is critical to our national security interests and continued growth of the U.
The Middle East remains woefully un-integrated in the global trading system.