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an exchange that occurs as a compromise


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Caution has its limits, because there are complex trade-offs involved, including those related to financial stability, Senior Deputy Governor Wilkins said, highlighting some of the research that the Bank is undertaking to help better quantify these trade-offs.
Policy choices for progressive realization of universal health coverage: Comment on "Ethical perspective: five unacceptable trade-offs on the path to universal health coverage.
However, the trade-off is an increase in the price of imports and therefore inflation.
From homeland security to education, from health care to defense, what is needed are innovations that break traditional trade-offs, particularly that between price and performance.
Destarte, chega-se as duas questoes que nortearam esta pesquisa: "Em que extensao os profissionais logisticos conhecem os trade-offs de custos logisticos?
of Technology, Sydney), so there is a trade-off between storing large data sets in the cloud or deleting them and regenerating then each time they are needed.
For example, did the nutrition-oriented shopper show a different pattern of trade-offs than the economy-minded shopper?
But, more time should be invested in devising tactics publishers can use to enter this new domain (affordably) and make the trade-offs they need to make, as a bewildering array of new media alternatives arrives at their doorsteps.
Chairman of the Financial Services Authority Lord Turner said society faced a trade-off in which the financial system could be made more stable through significantly higher capital requirements, but this was likely to come at the expense of easy access to credit.
The private pension systems of the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom represent alternative approaches to address these key risks, but they also pose trade-offs to consider in applying them in the U.
Trade-offs in Customized Services and the Customer Point of View
While tropical forests continue to be cleared at alarming rates, the debate over how best to conserve them often proceeds without a clear understanding of the trade-offs that result from different management alternatives.
And other times, trade-offs require choosing between the lesser of two evils.
A delightful skewed, story of the conflicts, trade-offs, and joys of sharing one's life one day at a time.
Each question represents a puzzle that education leadership faculty and school systems need to solve; the answers are shaped by a series of trade-offs.