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an exchange that occurs as a compromise


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The extent to which the trade-off moves in that direction will depend on the extent to which weaker consumption growth is offset by other components of demand including business investment, whether wages and unit labour costs begin to firm, and more generally, how the economy reacts to both tighter financial conditions and the reality of Brexit negotiations.
Keywords: Progressive Realization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), Equity and Efficiency Trade-off, Political Choices, Thailand
Essentially this means that society has to make trade-offs.
There will have to be a trade-off," Mr Hammond said.
In some cases, LPTA makes sense--but it does not if we are willing to pay more for objective performance, resulting in a trade-off between cost or price and non-cost factors.
Disruptive Innovations start out less good but cheaper than the market leaders, but then break the trade-off between price and performance by getting better, and typically even cheaper, over time.
A simulacao e a analise se aplicam tanto ao trade-off entre o nivel de servico e o custo total (3a) quanto aos demais trade-offs relevantes (3b);
These last two sub-groups conformed to the trade-off behaviour discussed by Jensen and Meckling.
Computation and storage in the cloud; understanding the trade-offs.
This trade-off - which is rarely demonstrated - could explain why there is so much variation in the strength of immune responses and even in predisposition to infection or auto-immunity.
It is interesting to see that the sensitivity, or the slope of the trade-off line in wet traction vs.
trade-off analysis methods, which make use of direct trade-off assessments between pairs of alternatives.
Synopsis: For the first time in Gallup's 25-year history of asking Americans about the trade-off between environmental protection and economic growth, a majority of Americans (51%) say economic growth should be given the priority, even if the environment suffers.
The trade-off was that workers lost the right to sue their employers for damages.
Os resultados mostraram que o trade-off entre customizacao e tempo de entrega foi pouco relevante no caso estudado.