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If you want to reach your potential, be willing to choose wise trade-offs.
On this basis, the current study aims to revisit the short-run trade-off between output and inflation in Russia under the new classical and new Keynesian theories to resolve the ambiguity regarding the relevance of policymaker interventions.
I would really appreciate it if gun magazines would remind their readers that there is a trade-off with the use of a muzzle brake and someone who uses one might find himself not being welcome at competitions or even casual shooting with friends.
The primary benefits of the trade-off are water supply, flood control and hydroelectric power generation.
"The extent to which the trade-off moves in that direction will depend on the extent to which weaker consumption growth is offset by other components of demand including business investment, whether wages and unit labour costs begin to firm, and more generally, how the economy reacts to both tighter financial conditions and the reality of Brexit negotiations.
They added: "We are writing to seek a categorical assurance that you will not allow women's rights and, in particular, women's access to abortion to be used in any kind of trade-off with the DUP.
The remaining two are related to efficiency goal: trade-off I (extend coverage to the low or medium priority services than the high priority services) and trade-off III (provide costly services with low health benefits than less costly high impact services).
Among the MCDM methods, quality function deployment (QFD), TOPSIS, and MAUT address the abovementioned trade-off problem.
Essentially this means that society has to make trade-offs. Those who voted Leave are about to find this out.
We must ensure we continue to promote innovation and maintain our technological advantage when our requirements dictate the need for a trade-off process, while directly improving our acquisition system efficiencies.
This paper proposes an alternative path--a way to use innovation to make public programs radically cheaper without slashing services; a way to break the seemingly unavoidable trade-off between paying more or getting less.
She convinces her penniless divorcee sister, Josephine, to pen it under her name, promising her the proceeds--a great trade-off until the novel becomes the smash hit of the year.
(1) Avaliacao do trade-off nivel de servico versus custo total--Comparacao entre os resultados almejados da logistica (nivel de servico) e os custos a eles associados (Christopher, 1987), tanto em solucoes de projetos especificos (1a) quanto em solucoes de desenhos da rede e dos processos logisticos (Gopal & Cypress, 1993) (1b);
Dr Fannie Yeung of Hull University Business School and I have investigated their claim that trade-off behaviour is ubiquitous.
And yet the Chinese trade-off has been phenomenally beneficial.