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steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator


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A new study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that an unprecedented strengthening of the equatorial trade winds has played a major role in the observed pause in surface warming.
10 ( ANI ): Researchers have claimed that strong Pacific trade winds have driven more of the heat from global warming into the oceans.
Their Trade Wind flow maintains the Equatorial Rainfall belt in so doing.
The meeting took place in anticipation of this year's edition of the Romanian-American Trade Winds Conference, to be held in Bucharest, on October 18-20.
Last year, a study found that powerful trade winds blowing along the equator in the Pacific Ocean (which a second study found were influenced by a climate feedback involving the Atlantic Ocean--see the December 2014 BAMS, pages 1819-1820, for more on that research) have been increasing the ocean's vertical circulation, forcing heat deeper into the ocean and transporting cooler water to the ocean's surface, resulting in less heat in the atmosphere.
In 2014, scientists pointed to abnormally strong trade winds that drag over the tropical Pacific and push surface water westward.
The easterly trade winds of the Pacific Ocean have increased significantly over the past two decades and as a result are blowing higher volumes of warm surface sea water and huge amounts of surface heat down to deeper depths of the ocean, scientists say in their study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.
The Edmonton office of Trade Winds to Success has been awarded the 2013 Senator Thelma Chalifoux Award for its commitment to Aboriginal student success.
Canadian gold exploration companies Detour Gold Corporation (TSX:DGC) and Trade Winds Ventures Inc (TSX-V:TWD) declared on Tuesday that Trade Winds' shareholders have approved its acquisition by Detour Gold.
1632 Trade winds resulted from the Earth's rotation (Bacon)
Winds have built to a strong 20 knots Winter Storm Warning (WSW) over the past few week, the trade winds have dropped off, and Britannia III and her crew need to wait for a north east wind direction before they can attempt their crossing.
Trade Winds Ventures Inc (TSX-V: TWD), a Canada-based gold exploration company, has signed a contract with Desjardins Securities Inc, the brokerage firm of Canada-based Desjardins Group.
Trade Winds Ventures has announced additional results returned from its 13,000-metre 2007 winter drill program on Block A at Detour Lake, 160 kilometres northeast of Timmins.
Brooks had grown up with sustainable building, working alongside his uncle, who was a contractor in Antigua, designing buildings out of native woods, rain water catch systems across ventilation systems that blend trade winds coming off the sea.