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the system or principles and theory of labor unions

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Right now we're prototyping new ways to make trade unionism feel relevant to the lives of today's younger workers.
Lause explains that during the mid-19th century, an aggressive ethnic trade unionism developed, especially in Northern cities.
This is certainly a very positive motive in two respects, showing trade unionism at its best, defending future colleagues, but also let's us, the general public, recognise that Unite's compromise will enable us to use the local public transport system as needed while preparing for the holiday period.
It highlights the emerging challenges of trade unionism among them in selected industries of Jamshedpur in India.
Mr Halfon said trade unionism is currently seen through "the prisms of a few militant leaders who I believe don't represent the thousands of ordinary trade union members".
He also pointed out the need for labour participation in regional and international events to reflect the climate of freedom and pluralism enjoyed by the workers in Bahrain and highlight the bright image of the kingdom as a pioneering country in the region at the labour and trade unionism level.
Citing trade unionism as a mainstay of European economic and political history since the sixteenth century, Connolly, Kretsos, Phelan and their contributors analyze current trends in radical unionism in Europe.
Her party has started a review of all legislation relating to industrial relations and trade unionism.
Charles Baird says that he, along with the papal encyclicals beginning with Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, "unequivocally endorse[s] some form of trade unionism.
Not for economic reasons, but simply to confront and attempt to destroy political trade unionism through its most powerful and vociferous proponent, the National Union of Mineworkers.
To who can we now look for reflections on the reign of Margaret Thatcher, bus conducting in Dundee, trade unionism, overpaid footballers, the crisis of global capitalism and life as a cub reporter on the Scotsman in the 1970s.
Only three advocates of independent trade unionism remain on the executive board.
The Phoenix Four including John Towers did more damage to what was left of British car manufacturing in just a few months than 50 years of trade unionism.
Hugo Chandler, who plays activist Mann and Anthony Crank, as unionist Sexton, play out the drama involving dockers, railwaymen and sailors that changed trade unionism on Merseyside forever.
Tony Woodley, Unite's joint leader, insists he is committed to reaching a settlement but said: "It is now clear that agreed procedures are being abused to try to destroy trade unionism among cabin crew.
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