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In 2018, we entered into a fully formed institution of social partnership, which we managed to achieve for the first time in the recent history of the trade union movement of the province," said Vladimir Isakov, the main event in the life of the seaside federation of trade unions last year.
Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Feb 20 ( ANI ): Left affiliated trade unions staged a protest against the Central and State governments, in Kolkata on Tuesday, over several grievances.
The BH Telecom Trade Union, he added, has decided that if the FBiH Government does not state anything within the deadline regarding their request, they will initiate a strike in the company, along with protests.
Lodhi of the Pakistan Mazdoor Federation, Muhammad Shareef of the Pakistan National Federation of Trade Unions, Nabi Ahmed of the United Labour Federation and Kaneez Fatima of the Pakistan Trade Union Federation.
Mr Mabeo said as a way of appreciating and acknowledging the dynamism of the labour environment, government was working with labour movements and the business community to review the Trade Unions and Employers' Organisation Act and the Employment Act.
AN initiative has been launched to have women represent at least 30 per cent of local trade unions in the next three years.
One of the roles of a trade union is to provide advice, support and representation to individuals in relation to employment issues.
The unions have no other alternative but to fight for their rights," Indian National Trade Union Congress Vice-President Ashok Singh said.
Ismail ordered on Friday the formation of a ministerial working group to review the Trade Union Federation bill before it is presented to the cabinet, and then parliament.
Welsh Labour peer Eluned Morgan said: "This bill was a massive attack on trade unionists and the trade union movement, and it challenged the powers of the Assembly.
The paper looks at labor market reforms as the particular area of negotiation and conflict to determine the role of trade union movement.
TRADE unionists were set to hold a rally today to oppose both a controversial trade deal and the UK Government's Trade Union Bill.
THE trade union movement has been a democratic part of British and European society for decades.
The Trade Union Bill is a direct attack on those workers.
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