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a secret (method or device or formula) that gives a manufacturer an advantage over the competition

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A similar approach may be appropriate with respect to trade secret misappropriation.
org and Price-water-house Coopers estimates that trade secret theft ranges from 1% to 3% of the Gross Domestic Product of the U.
Here are three essential steps companies must take to ensure trade secret protection under the DTSA.
After several unsuccessful attempts over more than five years, (2) Congress in April overwhelmingly approved (3) and President Obama in May signed (4) the DTSA, which provides a Federal private right of action for trade secret misappropriation.
com)-- The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Adam Gershenson, Attorney will speak at the Knowledge Group's webcast entitled: "The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) of 2016: Impacts and Implications to Trade Secrets Owners Uncovered
Under the DTSA, trade secrets encompass all forms and types of financial, business, scientific, technical, economic, or engineering information so long as the owner of the trade secret takes reasonable measures to keep the information secret and the information is valuable because it is not generally known or readily ascertainable through legitimate means.
In addition to providing private citizens and companies the right to sue in federal court to obtain injunctive relief and monetary damages, the DTSA would allow for ex parte seizures of stolen "property necessary to prevent the propagation or dissemination of the trade secret that is the subject of the action.
The legislation would offer businesses greater legal protection when their trade secrets are stolen, which costs business billions of dollars each year, when that intellectual property is leaked and sold to competitors.
The potential acquisition of Trade Secret provides TJX an opportunistic entry into Australia, where TJX currently operates one of its 13 buying offices.
The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015 establishes a uniform standard for what constitutes trade secret theft and will give U.
1200 a claim of trade secret may be made to withhold the specific chemical identity or the exact percentage-concentration of a substance in a mixture.
Arguably, the most valuable trade secret in the world is the Coca-Cola formula.
Traditionally, trade secret protection has been left to the national laws of the Member States.
As defined in law, a trade secret is some piece of information that provides an economic advantage to a business or person and, by its very definition, must be kept secret.
China's anti-unfair competition law and criminal law define a trade secret as a specific type of confidential information that gives an economic advantage to a company, at least for so long as that information is kept confidential.