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a secondary school teaching the skilled trades

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The main aim of the trade school is to educate skilled and unskilled workers and equip them with the tools for a better life.
Tagum National Trade School artists win Mugna Kadayawan on-the-spot doodling contest
Many school districts are now reexamining this dichotomy, however, as the demand for professionals graduating from various trade school programs is growing, as are the salaries in these fields.
VAS is a catastrophic and day to day claims adjuster trade school in Sedona, Arizona.
Islamabad -- Despite passing a decade the administration of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) could not launch training courses in Poly Trade Schools of Peshawar and Swat.
The new Worcester trade school was designed with them in mind.
Since then, the original group has helped facilitate self-organized Trade School locations in nineteen cities around the world, including New York, London, Singapore, Milan, Barcelona, Glasgow, Indianapolis, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Bangkok.
The company now has six divisions: Flexographic Training Services, Flexographic Technical Services, Flexographic Trade School, Flexographic Trade Shop, Flexographic Trade Supplies, and Flexographic Temp Services.
5) Vocational education in Bridgeport took place at what was named the State Trade School, a state-funded, free vocational high school.
After graduation, Ragsdale wants to attend trade school and work with wood, whether it's in construction or some type of design.
This teacher spent evenings attending a trade school to learn a new occupation.
Tuition at what Hawaii Industry called, "the most comprehensive state run trade school systems in the country," was a mere $50 for the year.
The school does not push students into the military, Goodwine says, but to seek a post-secondary school, technical school or trade school.
One, Trade School Hooley, won the best sapling in show at the Crayford Breeders' Festival last year.
In the spring of 1998, eleven students graduated from the Angelus Plaza College Preparatory High School: all eleven received full or partial scholarships to trade school, junior college or four-year college programs.