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the imposition of duties or quotas on imports in order to protect domestic industry against foreign competition


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The GTR acknowledges that China has been the country targeted most by the trade protection measures, even amongst its fellow BRICS countries.
Li said unilateral trade protection measures wouldn't help resolve the problem and that low-end steel was not something China wanted to produce or sell and was committed to phasing it out.
After the great setback against it caused by trade protection of western countries in 2012, China photovoltaic industry is gradually returning to a sensible state, reshaping supply and demand relationship and approaching the balance of market pattern.
and EU to shelter behind legal ambiguities in order to perpetuate a particularly opaque form of trade protection sits decidedly oddly with their constant insistence that China should open its market further, adopt more transparent policies and adhere more strictly to global rules," Jonquieres notes.
Trade protection policy is a controversial issue since it`s effects usually have ambiguous and mostly unexpected results on social welfare.
This is not to say that heading off trade protection, better power production and improving infrastructure at every level will not be discussed.
Itt contains provisions on market access, rules of origin, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Technical Barriers to Trade, Trade Protection, Cooperation and Dispute Resolution.
In May 2011, the EU widened the duties to cover more blends and extended the levies to Canada, saying American exporters dodged the trade protection.
Considering the specific examples, the seminar will focus on specific lessons and modern trends in a system of trade protection in selected CIS countries.
There are also consumers protection, export expansion, trade protection and security and approval of the House of Representatives.
Another reason for the price rise is a local monopoly that is controlled by a very small group of sugar importers, according to Ali Abdulrahman, an employee in the Trade Protection and Monopoly Prevention Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
The most interesting and important finding is that trade-induced unemployment and trade-adjustment costs can generate positive levels of trade protection for unorganized industries, even in the presence of political pressure from the organized sectors.
But unfortunately , some developed countries took trade protection to boycott products from Africa .
Safeguard measures are one of three trade protection options available to WTO members.
NNA - Economy Minister, Nicolas Nahhas, on Friday engaged in talks about trade protection affairs during his meeting the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA) headed by Charles Arbid.