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a name given to a product or service

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The electronic database of a registry may include all the aforesaid details in addition to a Query Service regarding availability of a trade name or possibility to book it for a period not exceeding three (3) months in accordance with the conditions for which a resolution shall be issued from the Minister.
We are pleased to sign the agreement with DSOA, which will contribute in enhancing the level of services provided to customers by creating a streamlined and unified system for registration of trade names," added Al Qamzi.
It describes more than 18,000 trade name and generic chemical ingredients that are used in the formulation of paint and coating products available from throughout the world.
It remains to be seen whether the courts will agree with the IRS's position (particularly with respect to its position that trademarks and trade names are part of the goodwill of a company rather than separable intangible assets).
Part III Chemical Component Cross-Reference covers more than 1000 chemicals and materials that are contained in the trade name products profiled in Part I or generic chemicals that are not linked to trade names but are used as solvents or in formulating solvents.
Part II - Trade Name to Manufacturer Cross-Reference IDENTIFY the Manufacturer USING the Trade Name Prefix
In terms of the DHL trade name, the IRS attacked these royalty-related transactions as follows:
5) Section 1253(d) permits a deduction for amounts paid on account of the transfer, sale, or other disposition of a franchise, trademark, or trade name where the amount (i) is contingent on the productivity, use, or disposition of the franchise, trademark, or trade name, and (ii) is part of a series of substantially equal payments paid at least annually.
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The increase in the company's presence in the foreign jurisdiction will likely trigger an increase in the value of the trade name in the foreign market and the heightened possibility that the IRS will argue that a transfer of the trade name has occurred.
As a matter of practice, a trademark is generally identified with a perticular product being sold as contrasted with a trade name which is generally identified with the entity performing the selling activity.
The trade name change is effective August 1, 2008 and is strictly a trade name change.
This reference centralizes information on these currently available chemicals and materials from major manufacturers by profiling both trade name and generic chemicals, detailing their properties, uses, use levels, regulatory status, toxicology, sources for purchase.
197 is beneficial in most instances, the ability of companies to amortize costs associated with trademarks and trade names is unclear if the trademark or trade name existed before Sec.