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a name given to a product or service

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Without having a proper crosscheck of the two databases, a conflict between a trademark registration and a trade name registration can easily occur.
A trade name shall enjoy legal protection once it has been registered unless assigned or written off administratively or upon a conclusive court verdict.
But lawyers and marketers also need to be mindful of the state ethics issues involved with firm names, trade names and nicknames.
Detailed information on surfactants is referenced by trade name, chemical component, chemical synonym, function/application, and supplier.
The intangible assets acquired from Seller I were divided into four categories: (1) trademarks and trade names, (2) designs and drawings, (3) software and (4) trade secrets and know how.
The national court has to consider not only the extent to which the public uses the trade name to link the products to the mark, but also the extent to which the third party should have been aware of it.
Part I Trade Name Reference provides an alphabetical listing of more than 1500 trade name chemicals that function as solvents in all aspects of industry.
The Trade Names Booking system will help improve competitiveness among similar departments, leading to higher efficiencies within Ajman DED's Economic Licenses section.
Document_Type - Trade Literature - Record_Type - Trade Name Record
To promote the DHL trade name, DHL spent approximately $150 million within the U.
1972(e)(3) provides that "the acquisition of a franchise, trademark, or trade name constitutes the acquisition of a trade or business" unless "its value is nominal or the taxpayer irrevocably disposes of it immediately after its acquisition.
As in the previous four editions, the Thesaurus serves as the most comprehensive source for linking trade name chemicals to generic chemicals and manufacturers.
DSOA will assign a staff member to be trained by DED on how to use the licensing procedures related to trade name registration.
DSOA will assign one of its staff members to be trained by DED on how to use the licensing procedures related to trade name registration.
The fully searchable CD-ROM offers 66,000 trade name records containing product description, a company name, and a reference to the first use of the trade name recorded by the organization.