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There is a lot we can do as consumers, communities and businesses and I would encourage everyone in Pontypridd to buy Fair Trade goods wherever possible.
We buy as many Fair Trade goods in this household as can be obtained and they are all good value.
Beginning February 24, St Christopher's Church, Allesley Park and Whoberley are marking Fair Trade Fortnight by inviting members to bring in Fair Trade items, enabling free tickets to be given out on March 7, giving an opportunity to win a box of Fair Trade goods.
The fact that Fair Trade goods are no longer a minority fad has alerted our consciences.
In using Fair Trade goods, we are doing this and protecting some of the most vulnerable people in the world.
The union-funded Labour Research Department said arguments for promoting fair trade goods were simple and persuasive.
Mr Fletcher, 34, who lives in Conwy and has been buying Fair Trade goods for 10 years, said,
Lis Perkins, who runs Just Shopping, a business devoted to selling only Fair Trade goods, said the movement aims to end trading arrangements with Third World countries based on a historical legacy of exploitation.
Some of the articles include the fall of Fort McKenzie, the Lame Bull treaty, trade goods, and winter quarters of mountain men.
At this point in the narrative, in the absence of hard evidence, the author speculates upon Philip Curtin's discussion of late eighteenth century grain production in the Gambia: "Although Curtin makes no mention of other regions other than Bandu [from which migrants came in order to grow grain, which they then sold to buy trade goods that could be sold inland at substantial profit], it seems obvious that the young migrants must have come also from neighboring [Soninke areas] Gajaaga and Gidimaxa" (p.
It's a fast and easy way to buy, sell or trade goods or services in the time it takes to compose a tweet.
com is a social marketplace mechanism that allows users to quickly and easily buy, sell and trade goods with people in 140 characters or less.
Last year, Polesworth Abbey, near Atherstone, sold more than pounds 6,000 worth of fair trade goods to support the people of Mpondas, a town in Malawi, which has established parish links with Polesworth.
The company's proprietary transaction network enables businesses and individuals to trade goods and services throughout North America.
A SHOP dedicated to the sale of Fair Trade goods was opening at a Coventry church today.