trade gap

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the difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise

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The trade gap narrowed overall in the third quarter to PS11bn, from PS12.
The trade gap was also aided by an easing in the total number of imports last month, dropping back by PS300m to PS48.
The UK's trade gap with others parts of the world also widened.
This trade gap needs to be balanced", Bangladesh's Daily Star reported.
On a monthly basis, the country's foreign trade gap declined to $7.
New Delhi: India's trade gap slid to a 30-month low last month, data showed on Wednesday, boosting government hopes of narrowing a massive current account deficit and easing pressure on the rupee.
The Commerce Department said yesterday the trade gap fell 22.
The Commerce Department said, that the trade gap went down to 22.
The politically sensitive trade gap with China soared 34.
The country posted its highest ever trade gap of $21bn in October, 2012.
The Commerce Department said the trade gap increased 16 percent in November to $48.
A sharp fall in Turkey's foreign trade gap may help the country receive ratings review from international credit evaluators.
Following a sharp drop in exports the trade gap widened to GBP4.
Wall Streets analysts surveyed before the report had expected a slightly smaller trade gap of $49.