trade cycle

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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline

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Industry particularly MSMEs whose working capital is based as per their trade cycle will require higher working capital or else suffer irreparable losses," he added.
That will ensure your funding matches your trade cycle so they structure the right facilities to meet your day to day working capital and longer term debt funding needs.
If it is beneficial to be part of an autocatalytic trade cycle then over time trade connections that constitute an autocatalytic trade cycle will be more likely to grow than connections that do not constitute autocatalytic trade cycles: the innovation that should occur will likely increase the trade flow.
To secure and optimise cashflow through the trade cycle, we work closely with businesses to develop working capital solutions designed to plug any funding gaps, including: Supplier Finance - delivers earlier |payment of invoices.
A funding package that isn't structured around the extended trade cycle typically seen in manufacturers could be a major issue.
IIG Capital is an alternative financing company that provides a full spectrum of financing needs designed to cover the entire supply chain and trade cycle, ranging from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of processed goods.
Furthermore, the DCC facilitates trade finance for cotton inventory and provides inspection facilities throughout the trade cycle.
These services also complement BTEoACAOs communication and infrastructure services which deliver a broader range of networked capabilities that support the full trade cycle from voice through to fully-unified and converged multimedia communications that integrate into the trading workflow of any market participant.
In this paper I focus on Kaldor's four most important articles from this period: his 1934 paper on the nature of equilibrium theorising; two pieces from 1939, on the compensation principle in welfare economics and on money, finance and the consequences of speculative behaviour; and the 1940 paper setting out his Keynesian model of the trade cycle.
Going forward, the same framework can be leveraged to manage other aspects of the trade cycle.
According to Handelsbanken Finland the Finnish trade cycle had already peaked, but domestic growth continued to be buoyed by solid demand in key export markets.
According to the company, BT's ITS Myriad Real Time Collaboration capability is designed to bring the communication capabilities of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, a unified communications client, to participants in the financial trade cycle.
Swift, with a four- to five-year trade cycle currently has a fleet average age of 2 1/2 (that's two-and-one-half) years.
So the reason that "this time it's different" is that an increasingly healthy financial system brings the prospect of a domestic source of growth, independent from the world trade cycle.
This theory, like Hayek's, explains a trade cycle in terms of a response to a single shock.