trade barrier

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any regulation or policy that restricts international trade

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But the group, who fought the plan for years, warned it could still lead to trade barriers and hurt exports.
Put differently, there exist many trade barrier combinations for which the price indexes are equal.
and European officials to build a case to take to the World Trade Organization that would argue "Internet censorship" acted as a trade barrier.
There was another non-tariff trade barrier to the expansion of foreign retailers in Japan that was clearly under the Japanese government's control, namely a post-World War II statute known as the Large-Scale Retail Store Law.
The European industry has long argued that trade barriers have inhibited its operations there.
Apart from the added complications in the distribution chain and the attendant costs to the consumer, advocates of deposit schemes argue that since the law affects every form of packaging equally, trade barriers are not an issue.
We're not optimistic that these negotiations are going to provide any quick relief," said Heileman lawyer Randy Smith, referring to talks aimed at the trade barriers requiring beer sold in a province to be produced there.
And the Administration also agreed a special provision requiring it to consider whether currency devaluations represent an unjust trade barrier.
They will welcome all our genetically enhanced foods once the trade barrier falls.
The protesters also oppose a ruling that an American requirement for a smog-fighting gasoline additive was an unfair trade barrier, and another that concluded Europe had no scientific basis for barring hormone-treated beef from the United States and Canada.
It also suggests that existing commissions enhance communications about current achievements for organic promotional activities, trade barrier assistance and research on non-chemical pest management.
Senator Tammy Baldwin today questioned Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue at a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing today on his plans to address restrictive Canadian dairy trade barriers, and President Trumps budget cuts to rural development programs that would hurt small towns and rural communities.
Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Japan's economy minister, Hiroshige Seko, expressed an interest in strengthening bilateral trade and fighting trade barriers on Saturday, a statement from the U.
Global Banking News-October 10, 2016--France urges US to resolve trade barriers with Iran
South Korean companies are confronted with growing trade barriers in overseas markets as major economies toughen import rules amid a protracted economic slowdown, industry sources said Wednesday.