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one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land

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I don't want to see the beautiful countryside filled with two-acre tract homes, trees cut down, fences installed, dogs running loose, and people on four-wheelers ignoring property lines.
Contra Costa County's Board of Supervisors has passed legislation mandating that new tract homes offer sprinkler systems as an option.
The storied heritage and rich culture of this land deserve far more than a sea of tract homes," Polyzoides said.
The majority of homes in the city are tract homes, with custom-built homes being found in the Nellie Gail Ranch community.
Ballantyne's work represents desolate, depopulated suburban and exurban environments with crisply geometric images of tract homes set in verdant flatlands.
While some tract homes in the greater Los Angeles area sell for more than $1 million, housing in the Antelope Valley - varying from condos to mansions - is far more affordable.
Not only does he love all new gadgets, horrible music, tract homes, and Wal-Mart, his drive to buy things he doesn't need even outweighs his desire for food.
Though getting on the bandwagon requires a big jump in construction know-how, lofts resemble tract homes in one very important respect: People live in them.
Amid tire shops and abandoned tract homes, two newly acquired parcels of land will house the new schools for the Hart Union High School District.
The former imagines a postgravity sky littered with drifting tract homes and disgorged possessions, while the latter subjects items in his apartment to the same unusual circumstance.
Speaking of tract homes, the popular MTV show Cribs recently visited Tony Hawk's house for a segment.
There is a high concentration of tract homes found here as well as a significant amount of custom-built homes in the Covenant Hills neighborhood.
Scott Wilk hopes to parlay his smarts for getting candidates elected into saving acreage from the onslaught of tract homes.
A suburban cul-de-sac, shot from midair, dominates the first picture one encounters, with tract homes spread like carpet all the way to the distant mountains.