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a workman who lays and repairs railroad tracks

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Best soon surpassed Holt as the preeminent producer of tracklayers.
Tracklayers represented significant innovation, but the real breakthrough was gasoline.
Since tracklayers (as they are called in our part of the country) were the motive force for farming during my formative years, I was happy to find an old one.
Among that shrinking pool of farm workers, only a small number ever used the track-type tractors commonly known as crawlers or tracklayers. Crawlers remain relatively scarce in antique iron circles today.
Early IH documents point to an experimental drive-train program centered on the 4-cylinder International 8-16 wheeled tractor (not to be confused with the 1-cylinder 8-16 Mogul), which included skid-steer-style four-wheel and six-wheel drive variants along with a pair of tracklayers. At least two experimental 8-16 crawlers were built in the late teens.
According to company memos, these machines were "skinned-down versions of 40-series crawlers" designed specifically to meet competitive power and price points for tracklayers intended solely for agricultural use.
By 1912 his Best Tracklayers competed directly with Holt's machines in most markets.