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a mutual fund whose assets are stocks on a given list

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a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index

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Centaur Asset Management serves as the Investment Manager to the Centaur Natural Resources Bond Tracker Fund and is responsible for the investment strategy and how the Fund purchases the underlying bonds issued by Centaur Group Finance Ltd.
UK tracker funds performed the best over the period, returning an average of pounds 7748.
My tracker fund choice is the Fidelity Moneybuilder UK Index Fund.
And saving pounds 250 per month in the Tracker Fund over 40 years could give you a whopping pounds 1.
The first port of call for many, especially first time investors, may be to look at the myriad of Tracker funds on the market.
dollars of part of the proceeds from the sale of equities owned by the territory's government through its Tracker Fund.
The Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (TraHK), managed by State Street Global Advisors Asia Ltd, was named "ETF With Most Efficient Total Expense Ratio" for the Asia-Pacific region.
Developed in conjunction with a major investment consultant, who requested an initial exclusivity period on the product until 30 April 2011, the fund invests in LGP's UK balanced fund (the Managed Property Fund) and LGIM's Global REITS Index Tracker Fund on a default position split of 70:30, respectively.
You can put your money into what is known as a tracker fund.
The firm would launch two new UK-domiciled open ended investment companies to join the UK gilt tracker fund.
In 2003 Polaris issued Taiwan's first ETF named Taiwan Top50 Tracker Fund.
A A TRACKER fund is a good idea if you want your money to follow a share index such as the FTSE 100, which means it will track up as well as down.
In answer to a recent enquiry, you quoted figures for a tracker fund which do not match my own records.
Money invested with netPEP goes into a unit trust designed to mirror or "track" a major stock market index, the CF netPEP Tracker Fund.
TORONTO -- Brompton Advantaged Tracker Fund (TSX:ATF.