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An initial search by five members of Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team and a police officer with a tracker dog, failed to locate the pair.
And ace tracker dog Eddie, on loan from Yorkshire police, is also scouring the area where Arlene was last seen in 1994.
A murder hunt, led by a specialist search unit from South Yorkshire Police with a tracker dog team, was launched after Attracta failed to return home.
Superintendent of Police Chandan Jha and CRPF Commandant PC Gupta reached the spot with heavy police force, tracker dogs, and bomb disposal squads.
Police set up road blocks around the city, tracker dogs were brought in, and all lorries leaving the area were being searched.
Tracker dogs were used to locate the animal, hours after the
Tenders are invited for providing a feasibility study on using tracker dogs to detect the three targeted predators.
How much more tense will the situation become when Bleksley deploys tracker dogs and aerial drones?
They lived rough or hid out in empty cabins for 23 days, using pepper to keep police tracker dogs off their scent.
Clark said that there are multiple agencies, as well as tracker dogs, hunting for Garcia.
A hunt using tracker dogs centred on woodland near the house in Olney, Bucks, but failed to find the men.
Tracker dogs led officers from the scene across a nearby park and through bushes to Warwick Road where a man was arrested climbing through the window of a property, on Tuesday night.
which trained both the tracker dogs and handlers, and the "visual" trackers who complemented the dog's skills on the combat tracker teams.
An Illustrated and Pictorial Tribute to Australia's tracker dogs in the Vietnam War ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee, 2009 48pp $12.00 pbk ISBN 9780980448009 SCIS 1438518
Tracker dogs and a helicopter have been used to try to locate Mr Parker, who is 6ft tall, slim and with long black hair.