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an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housing

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Below the knobs and above the trackballs are three soft buttons: LOG, OFFSET and VIEWER.
During the competition, the Nashoba robot proved itself to be especially effective at scoring during the hybrid period and at preventing other teams from putting their trackballs onto the overpass.
Access is by various methods, such as a mouse, trackball, touch screen, joystick, head wand, eye gaze, or pointing device.
Frequent users: some people with incomplete quadriplegia, individuals who have trouble repositioning the mouse on a table due to grasping limitations, and/or those with sensory limitations who benefit from the extra tactile input trackballs can provide.
One solution in avoiding "mouse shoulder" is to use a keyboard with a built-in trackball, such as Key Tronic's Lifetime Trackball Keyboard ($90), <http://www.
The improved optical technology, claimed to be 33% faster than the current version, works by capturing digital images as the mouse or trackball is moved.
The WinTRAC 95 trackball offers all the features of MicroSpeed's original WinTRAC--including three programmable buttons and automatic application sensing--plus protected mode drivers for true 32 operation under Windows 95.
MicroTouch Systems has introduced The PC UnMouse, an alternative input device designed to replace a mouse or trackball.
The company is also known for its extensive line of Keyboards, mice, trackballs, touchpads, barcode scanners and high performance graphic tablets.
BEI's Industrial Encoder Division has introduced a line of industrial duty trackballs that range in ball size from 2.
This column includes three approaches to achieving more efficient mouse function: (1) adaptations within Windows itself, (2) trackballs and other mouse alternatives, and (3) optical headpointing devices.
com has added three newly released high performance desktop trackballs to its growing stable of trackball input devices.
These devices include trackballs, joysticks, head pointers, and voice-activated systems.
Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc is the expert in precision Human Machine Interface (HMI) and electronic hardware solutions, including hand controls/grips, joysticks, trackballs and integrated systems.
It also combines the company's human-machine interface capabilities -- including helmet-mounted displays, active sticks, trackballs, and specialized mission software -- to optimize situational awareness and increase mission effectiveness.