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Validation and intelligence monitoring are currently being conducted by the military in coordination with local chief executives and the locals to track down the perpetrators and safely rescue the victims,' Wesmincom spokesperson Maj.
North Wales Police want to track down this woman in picture two with short brown hair and wearing a long black coat.
To mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the war CARE, now a major international aid organisation, wants to track down families or descendents so their stories can be recorded for future generations.
Meanwhile, 71-year-old north Wales resident Ron Williams asks for help in his lifelong quest to track down the estranged younger sister.
Carnival organiser Glenda Lewin said: "It was shame we couldn't track down Michelle - we tried Facebook and other social websites without any luck.
According by defence reports, army's 7 Gadhwal launched a massive hunt to track down the militant groups who were hiding in the forests since the last couple of days.
Violators and Foreigners Follow-up section of Fujairah Police has conducted many organised crackdowns to track down and arrest illegal residents, after being tipped off about the presence of illegal residents in Dibba Fujairah.
And now Peter Sullivan who received the photo wants to track down the true owner and he has uploaded it to Facebook in the hope it will be shared globally.
The security forces had launched a manhunt to track down the thugs who laid an ambush and bumped their cars into a vehicle that was taking some Dry Dock detainees involved in security-related cases to court and helped them escape.
His identity had remained a mystery until volunteers managed to track down his family earlier this year.
Summary: Police in Wiltshire are attempting to track down a woman suspected of wrecking an ATM using a stiletto heel.
POLICE investigating web threats to kill the daughter of Duncan Bannatyne have failed to track down the Twitter nut who targeted the Dragons' Den star.
Mubarak bin Ahmad Al-Hadad had traveled to the neighboring country to track down Abdullah S.
MERSEYSIDE Police were asked to track down a criminal accused of stealing chocolate in Poland.
DETECTIVES will be taught how to track down killers and other criminals on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, police leaders said today.