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a semitransparent paper that is used for tracing drawings

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Adjust the spread of the first pleat to 1"-11/2" wide; tape new pattern or tracing paper below the gap.
Draw a stag's head template onto tracing paper and pin to taupe felt.
To make painting easy, she suggests either using an old-fashioned projector to transfer the design on to the wall, or drawing the mural on tracing paper and dividing it into a grid before copying onto the wall section by section.
Free 'Retrace York' activity packs containing a rubbing device, tracing paper and an information leaflet are available free from the Visitor Information Centres.
Reflex manufactures specialty papers including carbonless (autocopy) paper, digital imaging paper and tracing paper.
A NUCLEAR submarine crashed off the coast of Scotland because senior officers used tracing paper to plot a course, it was revealed yesterday.
Her list of supplies includes a sand tray for tracing letters, words, and numbers, tracing paper, and clay, as well as other common materials for "acting out" concepts with physical objects.
The plot, centred on facile mistaken identity and misunderstanding, is as thin as tracing paper.
Since her first solo show five years ago, Berlin-based Portuguese artist Adriana Molder has developed a singular language and imagery, dominated by her technique of India ink on tracing paper and her adherence to a consistent set of references.
Students folded tracing paper in half, drew half of the insect along the fold on one side of the tracing paper, flipped the drawing over and traced the other half on the back.
Trace the pattern of the Big Dipper onto the tracing paper.
Here student projects--not least a wonderful ink and tracing paper drawing by Peter Cook (from his Archigram days) of a tower complex design for the Montreal Expo bring a challenging edge to some of the corporate landscapes on show.
Freshly painted in cream and cornflower, they are light, bright and airy with all-new fittings, lockable doors and toilet paper that doesn't look a bit like tracing paper.
Choose a simple leaf design or a real leaf, and sketch the shape on tracing paper to make a pattern template.