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a chronic contagious viral disease marked by inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eye and the formation of scar tissue

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The World Health Organization recommends mass drug administration for infection control and should continue until the prevalence of trachomatous inflammation-follicular in falls below 5% in subdistricts or community clusters.
The outcome of trachomatous trichiasis surgery in Ethiopia: risk factors for recurrence.
Surgical correction of trachomatous cicatricial entropion.
Patients with advanced trachomatous complications like trichiasis and corneal opacity were excluded from the study.
We used a table of random numbers to randomly select 101 villagers, 1-65 years of age, who had follicular trachomatous inflammation and/or intense trachomatous inflammation and who resided in a trachoma-endemic region of the Lumbini Zone of southwestern Nepal.
Cost effectiveness and cost utility of preventing trachomatous visual impairment: lessons from 30 years of trachoma control in Burma.
Trachomatous inflammation - The presence of five or more follicles ( greater than 0.
Having evaluated trachoma, commonly called "sore eyes," and other eye diseases among the Blackfeet in Montana, Fox found that 30 percent (351) were trachomatous.
Koury then brought the "diseased" Syrians to Coffin, the physician who "monopolize[d] the treatment of Syrian trachomatous eyes.
Studies show that depending on the community, 10% to 30% of pregnant adolescents are infected with chlamydia trachomatous (21) and suggest many more are probably infected with the human papilloma virus.