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a surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air

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After he was discharged from the hospital, Patrick's parents quickly identified that caring for their son was more difficult with a tracheotomy tube, and that two people should be with him 24 hours a day.
Xander's mum and dad, Alex, have even been given special training to look after him and his tracheotomy tube.
The hospital would not insert a feeding tube and a tracheotomy tube, as the family requested, vehemently arguing that Jahi was legally dead.
Though still breathing through a tracheotomy tube and partially-paralysed down his right side, John is improving, slowly but surely.
But, for the last few months, Bryan, who had a tracheotomy tube and had to take oxygen before speaking, had not been well.
Two years ago, you will recall that the Food and Drug Administration announced that tobacco companies would have to display on cigarette packages pictures of the harm done by tobacco, including images of diseased lungs and of a man inhaling smoke through a tracheotomy tube. At the time, I thought, Boy, that's great, that will really make smokers think about the damage they're doing to themselves.
Rosser explained that Malala's airway became swollen after the bullet passed through it, so doctors inserted a tracheotomy tube to protect it.
It's a tracheotomy tube, three bits of metal that clip together, sit there, and it has a plug on the outside.
She was told by doctors she might never be able to walk again and spent months fighting paralysis in hospital by breathing through a tracheotomy tube.
Kirchner (1986) recommends a vertical incision to aid mobilisation of the tracheotomy tube with swallowing.
Figures suggest more than 3,000 people in the UK receive home ventilation either through a tracheotomy tube or more commonly by mask and ventilator overnight.
She was dependent on a tracheotomy tube for breathing and was only able to communicate through a handheld electronic device which produced robot-like sounds.
The study results indicated that educational level is independent of nurses' knowledge of tracheotomy management for a displaced tracheotomy tube in tracheotomy patients with an unobstructed ([chi square] (6, N =186) = 2.692, p > .05) or obstructed (p > .05) upper airway.
In addition, during his course of medical treatment, a tracheotomy tube was placed, and then later removed prior to discharge.
Because of the tracheotomy tube in his neck, which makes up the 70% of his breathing capacity he is lacking, he has never been able to talk - and even his cry is barely audible.