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a surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air

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There are no guarantees about how long a tracheotomy patient will live, but the Lydons want to do all they can to ensure Andrew will see his children Seosamh, 17, and 12-year-old Molly grow up.
Failure to, in a timely fashion, detect a tracheotomy tube displacement into the subcutaneous tissues of a patient who has a tracheotomy inserted as a protective measure in anticipation of a future upper airway obstruction and intervene may result in increased patient morbidity and mortality.
The 71-year-old left his home in Christine Avenue, Rushwick, near Worcester, without his nebuliser, which he needs to keep open the tracheotomy air-way.
Quickly, Officer Tiger forced entry into the residence and found the baby, who normally breathes through a tracheotomy tube with the help of an oxygen tank, blue in color.
But she always finds time to look out for fragile next-door neighbour May Morris, 78, who was left weakened by a severe bout of pneumonia, which left her in a coma for six weeks and a tracheotomy for life.
A further complication has arisen, with the Cheltenham Gold Cup-winning trainer now suffering a chest infection, which has forced surgeons to delay carrying out a tracheotomy to assist his breathing.
Learn how to escape from quicksand, deal with a charging bull, perform a tracheotomy and leap from a motorbike into a car.
In developed countries or countries with substantial resources, lasers and/or mechanical debriders are used to remove the viral growths before they block the airway and require a tracheotomy.
Doctors then decided to perform a surgical tracheotomy and it was as surgeons prepared to carry out this procedure that Mr Madondo died.
Davis was pressed into duty as a human IV stand during an emergency tracheotomy.
A tracheotomy was inserted into his windpipe as doctors feared the extensive swelling might affect his breathing.
Enhanced with a narrative essay describing the working and daily life of a photojournalist in an era before television became as prolific as it is today, On Assignment is remarkable in how its images perfectly capture the subjects, from stills depicting a life-saving emergency tracheotomy to work at a Pepsi-cola refinery to the gracious opportunity for a rare portraits around the home allowed to her by reknowned genius Albert Einstein.
He receives a tracheotomy to assist in breathing, and then a feeding tube to supply nourishment.
Vatican City -- Having undergone a tracheotomy on Feb.