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common respiratory infection characterized by inflammation of the trachea and the bronchi

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Soluble-TREM-1 may reflect the burden of inflammation or infection of the lower respiratory tract, increasing progressively as colonisation by microbial pathogens leads to ventilator-associated tracheobronchitis (VAT)8 and ultimately to VAP.
Pneumonitis was distinguished from tracheobronchitis principally by bilateral changes on chest radiograph that appeared 1-3 weeks after onset of symptoms (DeNardi et al.
HSV-1 may cause tracheobronchitis or pneumonitis and is associated with significantly increased mortality in critically ill patients.
It infects the upper and lower respiratory tracts, leading to upper respiratory tract infection, bronchiolitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchitis and community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).
Among adults, RSV infections usually present as a self-limiting upper respiratory tract illness or tracheobronchitis.
An infection of the bronchi alone is rare, however, and usually tracheobronchitis is present, with involvement of other areas of the respiratory tract.
23) Studies have addressed the use of chlorhexidine before intubation, (23) in patients scheduled for elective cardiac surgery, (23,26) and in patients with respiratory infections such as tracheobronchitis and pneumonia.
In the majority of cases, the infection is either a tracheobronchitis or an anastomotic infection, whereas invasive pulmonary infections and disseminated disease are less frequent.
Surgery is indicated for patients with apnea, multiple episodes of tracheobronchitis or bronchopneumonia, and after 48 hours of failing to respond to medical therapy.
Posttransplant complications included one episode of rejection, 3 of tracheobronchitis, and 2 of Pneumocystis cariini pneumonia.
We retrospectively reviewed all medical records with International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification codes indicating acute LTRI (pneumonia, tracheobronchitis, or bronchiolitis); 622 patient records met the criteria and were reviewed.
Answer: It sounds like Bruce has Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis or kennel cough as it is more commonly know.
Bordetella vaccination for the prevention of Kennel Cough or Infectious tracheobronchitis of (logs can be given as early as two-three weeks if needed.
Note: The use of nebulised endotracheal tobramycin and the intratracheal instillation of tobramycin are not recommended for the prevention of VAP, (18) but may be useful in treating tracheobronchitis.
Other diagnoses to be considered are tracheobronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis (5).