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common respiratory infection characterized by inflammation of the trachea and the bronchi

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1,2) Patients with tracheobronchitis or pneumonia before intubation or an abnormal chest X-ray were excluded from the study.
In otherwise healthy dogs, parasitic bronchitis, irritant tracheobronchitis, tracheal foreign body, and tracheal collapse may need to be ruled out.
3] Other compounding factors include gastro-oesophageal reflux, tracheobronchitis, malnutrition, hypotension, hypoxaemia, anaemia, diabetes mellitus, metabolic acidosis and steroid therapy.
The reported non-serious AEs were vulvovaginal candidiasis, acute tracheobronchitis, subcutaneous nodules, stomatitis, respiratory tract infection, condyloma virus genital infections, Candida stomatitis, and acute pneumonia.
Answer: It is possible that Jessie has caught Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis, or Kennel Cough as it is more commonly known.
In fact, for the last many years, the surveillance rates of VAP are decreasing, whereas the clinical diagnosis of VAP and tracheobronchitis as well as antibiotic prescribing remains prevalent.
Infections generally lead to tracheobronchitis, bronchiolitis, and interstitial pneumonitis; however 10-15% of such infections progress to primary atypical pneumonia.
Many times people think their dogs have something "stuck in their throat" when they have Kennel Cough/Infectious Tracheobronchitis.
Of the 16 patients identified during the outbreak, two had pneumonia, five had tracheobronchitis, and nine had respiratory tract colonization only.
4) In addition, there have been isolated reports of cases caused by pseudomembranous tracheobronchitis secondary to Bacillus cereus infection, (5) as well as a relationship between microwebs and refractory nodules.
She received antibiotic therapy with cefepime 2 g twice daily due to a tracheobronchitis.
In dogs, the bacteria target the lining of the trachea and bronchi in the lungs, leading to tracheobronchitis and the tell-tale honking cough commonly known as kennel cough.
Bellevue's autopsy showed the cause of death as "acute myocarditis and tracheobronchitis.
In addition, investigators noted that their appraisal of the cost-effectiveness of RSV might have been improved by considering that RSV causes 20% to 40% of cases of pneumonia and 30% of tracheobronchitis.