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long tubular cell peculiar to xylem

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As seen with SEM, the tracheids of Dracaena stems prove to have porose membranes in the scalariform pits on tracheid end walls (Fig.
(40.) Evans, R, Downes, G, Menz, D, Stringer, S, "Rapid Measurement of the Variation in Tracheid Transverse Dimensions in a P.
Norway spruce wood consists to 90% of small water-conducting elements with a diameter of about 10-40 [micro]m and a length of 1-4 mm (tracheids, Fig.
Herman M, Dutilleul P, Avella T (1998) Growth rate effects on temporal trajectories of ring width, wood density, and mean tracheid length in Norway spruee (Picea abies (L.) Karst).
Nanostructural assembly of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin in the middle layer of secondary wall of ginkgo tracheid. J.
Cavity formation and the exposure of peculiar structures in the secondary wall(S2) of tracheids and fibres by wood degrading basidiomycetes.Holzforshung., 52: 117-123.
Water-conducting cells of the axillary system of the secondary xylem are called tracheary elements and are of two types, tracheids (vascular tracheids) and vessel members (Figure 7).
In plants, xylem vessels or tracheids exhibit capillary action.
The best preserved examples are assigned to Dadoxylon recentium, a wood characterized by biseriate, alternate, bordered tracheid pitting (Fig.
Mauseth JD, Uozumi Y, Plemons B J, Landrum JV (1995) Structural and systematic study of an unusual tracheid type in cacti.
Predicting the strength of sawn wood by tracheid laser scattering.
Grouped vessels are advantageous in angiosperms at large unless (in accordance with the concept (Carlquist 1984) vessels are associated with tracheids. This phenomenon demonstrates that tracheid presence is more effective than vessel grouping in promoting conductive safety.
Vulnerability of a tracheid to embolism is a direct function of its diameter (Lo Gullo and Salleo, 1991, Jackson and Grace, 1996).
SilviScan estimates density via X-ray densitometry, MFA via X-ray diffractometry, and tracheid properties via automated microscopy and image analysis (Evans 1994, 2006).