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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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The operation was as follows: oral care suctioned from catheter suctioned from oral cavity suctioned from nasal cavity spraying (nozzle along the nasogastric tubes and tracheal catheters that aimed at nasal wall but did not enter into nose) when head toward back slightly 4 sprays per nostril each time 6 hours a round.
The main reason might be that tracheal catheters hinder us to clean the dead corner of deep part of nasopharynx easily which caused the secretion accumulated there.
It is commonplace to avoid concomitant hypoxaemia and adverse cardiovascular responses by means of a tracheal catheter with oxygen at a flow of 61/min.
The proposed pathophysiologic mechanism leading to barotrauma associated with this technique is insufflation a high flow of oxygen through a catheter wedged in a bronchus or trachea or, mainly in children, a tracheal catheter wedged in a small bore endotracheal tube with insufficient room for gas escape leading to massive air trapping.
After a smooth anesthesia event and an uneventful surgery, the patient experienced a slightly delayed regain of consciousness despite complete reversal of muscle relaxation, so he was sent to the PACU with tracheal catheter in place.